The Perfect Solution for Aseptic Control Valve Applications

The aseptic diaphragm globe control valve, GEMÜ 567 BioStar, is designed to control small volume dosing in the sterile/aseptic applications. Using innovative sealing via GEMÜ PD (Plug Diaphragm) combines the advantages of proven diaphragm valve technology that guarantees a hermetic separation of medium from the actuator with excellent fluid control characteristics. With the PD design, a PTFE diaphragm has been developed that achieves the controllability of a globe valve and fulfils the strictest purity requirements. The separation of the area conveying the medium from the actuator is implemented through an FDA-compliant PTFE diaphragm, whilst control is effected via a parabolic plug. The benefits of the diaphragms and the angle valve body are associated with their effective cleanability and the cavity free geometry, which significantly reduces deadleg when compared to other valves. This makes this valve an excellent control valve for aseptic areas and a very wide range of control applications.

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