GEMÜ eSy Electric Valve Range – A Better Alternative!

Thinking of switching from a compressed air system to an energy-efficient alternative? GEMÜ offers an extensive range of electric valves for a wide variety of applications. Electric valves are known for their cost-efficiency and increased performance, as well as reduced risk of contamination. The GEMÜ R629 eSyLite is a low-cost diaphragm valve for simple and cost-sensitive applications. Alternatively, GEMÜ eSyStep valves are designed for standard open/closed and simple control applications, featuring a compact spindle actuator with step motor and can be mounted with electrical position indicators/travel sensors. For complex open/closed and control applications, GEMÜ eSyDrive valves are more suitable. Designed on the basis of the hollow shaft principle in conjunction with technology that does not use brushes/sensors, the eSyDrive actuator sets new standards in terms of service life, compactness, actuating speed and energy-efficiency. Available as diaphragm, globe and diaphragm globe valves, the eSy range offers an ideal solution for every budget and function segment.

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