Building on its ‘Think Sealless’ pumps campaign, HMD Kontro is running a ‘Sealless Survey’, designed to research and assess the awareness and use of magnetic drive sealless pumps and determine how best the company can support both users and newcomers to the technology.

The purpose of the new survey is two-fold. Firstly, to gather information on operator experience with sealless pumps and to understand how the advantages of magnetic drive pump technology are perceived within the wider marketplace. Secondly, to find out to what extent specifiers and users prioritise or understand the benefits of sealless technology over sealed pump alternatives.

By canvassing the views and experiences of process managers and operators handling fluid transfers involving high temperature processes, high pressures, high value, aggressive and volatile substances, HMD Kontro hopes to further the adoption of this fast-evolving and future proof technology, which offers multiple benefits ranging from the minimisation of safety risks to whole life cost savings.

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The survey takes very little time to complete, and can be accessed at
Sealless Survey – HMD (

To demonstrate their thanks for helping with the research HMD Kontro are offering responders the chance to win one of three £100 (or local currency) Amazon vouchers. All responses will be put forward for the draw at the end of March

To learn more about magnetic drive sealless pumps, please visit

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