Add future-proof value to your valves

At DMN-WESTINGHOUSE, we know how important a smooth-running production process in the bulk solids handling industry is. The last thing you need is contamination of powders, especially when it could have been prevented by timely service and maintenance.

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE offers in-house service and repairs fully tailored to your needs. Just send us your Rotary or Diverter valve, and we will do an inspection and generate a repair quote based on our findings. If for whatever reason you’re unable to return your valve for full overhaul, our service team is more than happy to come to you for thorough inspection and repair of your valve on-site.

When it comes to ‘end of life’ and your valve needs replacing, our high-quality replacement units provide a perfect fit. As a world-wide renowned producer of high-quality rotary valves and diverter valves, DMN-WESTINGHOUSE is the ideal service and maintenance partner to future-proof your plant for years to come.

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