Selco’s ECAP

Selco’s ECAP series electronic temperature controller uses NTC thermistors, J- or K- type thermocouples, and/or RTD sensors to control up to 2 relay outputs. The controller is supplied in an environmentally sealed plastic enclosure and is rated for pollution levels up to Level 3 for harsh environments. Because the ECAP is electronic, it can be programmed to open or close on rise. It can also be made adjustable to your specified temperature range, and is supplied with a potentiometer for user temperature adjustment. Fixed temperature versions that prevent user tampering are also available. Several add-on accessories are coming soon, including PC desktop software, USB key/dongle, optional external digital readout, and the Selco app for smartphones.

Selco offers a wide variety of sensors in multiple sizes and formats (epoxy, enclosed, thermowell, ring lugs etc). Our ECAP + sensors package is ideal for applications where tighter accuracy is key. The sensors offered for use with the ECAP remain stable over time, and are not affected by altitude like traditional liquid-filled bulb and capillary style thermostats. Choose one of Selco’s existing sensor designs, or give us your design specifications/drawings. Our ISO 9001:2015 design and manufacturing facility will do the rest.

The ECAP series has a robust and reliable 30A relay version designed to support heavy duty loads. There are also two additional versions offered: a two relay version (20A and 12A) perfect for cold applications, and an SSR output version designed to drive external relays

These controls are compact and similar in form, fit, function and price to conventional electromechanical bulb and capillary thermostats. They have been designed to replace mounting brackets from 1.1” to 1.75” (28 to 44 mm) and have multiple shaft options. Custom brackets and digital displays are available upon request. This makes them the perfect drop-in replacement to existing designs.

The ECAP can be re-programmed to different parameters at any time (e.g., OEM factory or in the field) with the USB Key. It can also be made adjustable to your specified temperature range, and supplied with a potentiometer for user temperature adjustment or set to a fixed temperature.

The ECAP Series is being designed to be IoT ready. Selco will soon be able to support multiple IoT protocols with the optional wireless module. The new Selco app and smart home protocols including Z-wave module are also estimated to be completed in 2018.*

*Protocols and revisions are subject to change


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