The role of power continuity in your business

Many business owners and managers don’t even know they have a power continuity problem. To start, you must be able to identify all the root causes and then take action to prevent power failures BEFORE they occur.

Power Continuity eliminates the impact to your business.

The importance of power reliability was demonstrated when a power disruption affected large areas of the UK in August when millions were without electricity and even trains were stranded.

NO Break power protection solutions that were already installed by Power Continuity responded instantaneously keeping businesses and their associated infrastructure LIVE throughout the crisis. That cemented the role of PowerContinuity in their business contingency planning.


State-Of-The-Art Digital Continuity 


Every building is a complex mixture of various circuits, each one with its own power quality requirements  and restore timeframe operations.

Power control infrastructure monitoring of management systems, all accessible via SNMP BMS protocols. You can see ‘real time’ the digital continuity within our uninterruptible power solutions all backed up by diesel generators.


No requirement to restore power, because we covering you 24/7.
The ‘state of the art’ digital controls are monitoring the incoming power, every millisecond. Scrutinising the harmonics analysing the sign waves for any disparity that would require alert an active power continuity response to engage the emergency NO Break power protection system.


What’s the impact of power failure to your business?

Can’t get the goods out or in?
No warehouse control?
Loading doors won’t open/close?
RIF system gone down?
Production plant stopped mid cycle?
Sterilisation breached?
Servers down as their UPS runs out battery power?

That’s just the beginning of the protracted nightmare to keep afloat.
The next crucial step is limiting the collateral damage to your client base.
Customers want everything now and they have no interest in your problematic issues.
Excuses won’t cut it.
The financial impact to your business will keep hitting the bottom line for years.


Why think about power continuity now?


Reactive Power management systems can highlight the risks.
Now you know the risks the next step is to fix them before they bite back.

Backup power options we design are bespoke to each site.
Eliminate ‘brownouts’, (when sudden power causes disruption, ‘glitches’ as power drops out for milliseconds), as well as ‘power cuts’ that last for hours, by installing both UPS and automatic generator emergency power systems.

As part of a free site survey, we’ll provide best power solution for your requirements.

Power Continuity support you throughout the project and ensure correct integration into your facility, production lines, critical communications systems, and data streams.

Emergency Power Solutions are best discussed in depth, face to face.

A site assessment to review your power continuity plan and how it functions with your business continuity strategy, is by far the best approach to serious interrelated power protection solutions that are available 24/7.

Power Continuity today means you’re in Business tomorrow and forever.


Bespoke Power Systems

Completely bespoke solutions as well as to continually improve the noise reduction, our Backup power options that we design are bespoke to each site. Still after installation, regular maintenance is required to ensure 100% efficiency to keep the current solution a valuable of power continuity, site wide.

Eliminate ‘brownouts’, (when sudden power causes disruption, ‘glitches’ as power drops out for milliseconds), as well as ‘power cuts’ that last for hours, by installed both UPS and automatic generator emergency power systems.

Advantages of container Diesel generator sets

Each container is bespoke built.
They are weatherproof, low noise levels and better still you can walk inside to service the generator. Every diesel generator container has its own built in fuel tank, which makes the whole system transportable.
So why choose an industrial containerised diesel generator?

  • Fully self-contained
  • Weather Proof
  • Solid built quality
  • Ideal for remote sites and harsh weather conditions
  • Easy to relocate
  • Retains performance for up to 30 years
  • Able to service in any weather conditions
  • Walk Inside ability
  • Extra sound reduction in comparison to a canopied generator
  • Secure and lockable
  • Flexible solution

Power Continuity Industrial Container Generator supplier

25 years of technical ability and reputation providing and installing automatic power protection solutions across the UK, we are Power Continuity Ltd.
We design and build the whole diesel generator container solution from the ground up and then install the whole operational system. Buy or Long-Term Rental.

Whatever your Power Continuity requirement we’re here to help 24/7

Contact – PowerContinuity ltd     0845 055 8455      24 hours

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