Self-Cleaning Filters – Save both time and money!

Croft Filters Ltd are a leading UK manufacturer of over 31 years who specialises in manufacturing customised filtration solutions and supplying Self-Cleaning filters. The Company supplies a range of industry sectors that including: Chemical, Oil, Gas, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Food and Beverage and Waste Water Management.


JENOLITE have perfected a premium range of products, relevant to many different industries and projects: These include: Automotive, Agriculture, Marine, Architectural refurbishment, Industrial and DIY projects. When it comes to rust, we know what we’re doing. The longevity of our product speaks for itself. First established in 1939, Jenolite has been the product of choice for removing rust and the effects of corrosion for more than 75 years and has been used on restoration work for the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and SS Britannia to name but a few projects during its rich history.

CD34 Capacitive Sensor for Accurate level detection

Compact housing with IP69K ratings and ECOLAB approval for wash-down applications and harsh environments.

Carlo Gavazzi has launched its latest CD34CNFLF capacitive sensor with foreground suppression, designed to detect water-based liquids through a non-metallic container wall.  The CD34 automatically adjusts to various thicknesses of plastic and glass; reliably detecting whilst ignoring residue film, moisture or foam from liquids such as water, milk body fluids(blood) acid or alkaline solutions with conductivity as high as 50 mS/cm inside or outside the container wall.

RMIG is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal and its related products

We know our customers’ requirements for price and quality and meet their demands with uncompromising service. Not only do we offer standard and bespoke perforated metal sheets, we are able to offer you a range of secondary operations as detailed below.

How Magnetrol® Radar Level Transmitters Differentiate Themselves

There are many things to consider when choosing a radar transmitter. Deciding what instrumentation to use for a specific application will depend not only on the nature of the application, but also on other factors such as cost and availability. Four of the most important factors to consider when selecting radar level transmitters for any application are performance, diagnostics, versatility, and ease of use.

Learn more about BIM Level 2 with an accredited CPD course

As Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a key part of the Industrial Strategy: Construction 2025, a growing number of professionals working in the construction sector will need to engage with BIM to avoid missing out on future public sector projects. 

Problem solved: Discontinued passives and long lead times with current components

 To help engineers and buyers in the Electronic Components Industry with End-of-Life (EoL) issues and today’s long lead times for current products, BEC Distribution has announced the availability of direct alternatives to TOKO/Murata, Coilcraft, Vishay and Sumida lines, with short lead times of 6-8 weeks, where most manufacturers are currently working on 16-30 weeks.

Three Ways To Protect Your Factory From Disruption

No matter the function of your factory, it’s an area that has potential for disruption. There can be many reasons why work will just stop, and it’s up to you to recognise the potential for risks and ensure that even in worst case scenarios you are prepared and able to counter the issues and return to normality as quickly as possible. Factory disruptions can create an all too damaging domino effect that can create bad service for customers or block up your supply schedule so that even the shortest disruption causes long-term issues that can be a nightmare to recover from. Here are the main disruption risks you should consider, and how to prepare for them.

Applied Analytics’ Solution for Measuring THT in Natural Gas

Natural gas for direct consumption is odorized for safety reasons. In the odorizing process, a substance with extremely high odor is added to natural gas in a controlled method. The odorized natural gas is then transmitted via pipelines into crowded urban settings and eventually into homes, schools, and workplaces.

Koyo introduce 4th generation Low Friction Torque Tapered Roller Bearings.

Smaller, more durable and significantly less friction. With over 25 years’ experience in developing Low Friction Torque (LFT) Tapered Roller Bearings (TBS) Koyo have managed to significantly reduce torque resistance through design innovation and manufacturing technology.


Lubricants specialist ROCOL has launched a brand new anti-seize and assembly grease to help meat processors reduce machine disassembly time, avoid damage to costly components and extend equipment life.

Automation in motion: AWP and Pronic are with you!

Since 2010, AW Precision specialising in the manufacture of punch and die products and components, has been nationally distributing made-to-measure tapping  solutions designed by Pronic, the world leader in the sector. Together, they advocate the automation of the dies in the press: In-Die solutions.

TC Security Services awarded 100% Achilles Audit

Following a rigorous 2-day assessment, TC Facilities Management (TCFM) has successfully completed their “Achilles” annual audit for the third consecutive year.  The audit saw a score of 100% being awarded in all four key areas that the audit measures: Corporate Social Responsibility, health and safety, environment, and quality.

Hybrid technology from OGM reduces injection mould tooling lead-times by 50%

An innovative new service from OGM, a leading UK injection moulding specialist, has been introduced to reduce the lead-time for producing mould tooling by up to 50%. Based on the combination of conventional subtractive machining and the latest additive manufacturing processes, to form a hybrid technology, the new Rapid Production Mould Tools (RPMT) service will help both to compress lead-times and enhance still further the quality and finish of most types of mould tool inserts.

Oil-free Compressor Cuts Cost of Ownership By 30%

BOGE, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance compressors, has launched an innovative new oil-free Class 0 system that cuts total cost of ownership by up to 30%.

Called the LPT150, the new compressor is designed for all applications requiring a continuous supply of air at pressures up to 4 bar and has the added advantage of being smaller, lighter and quieter than competing machines.

Component Leadtime update

If you haven’t seen it yet, you will.
Lead times on MLCC and Resistors are going out, along with mounting prices! To understand why, we would need to look at so many mixed factors and still not get to the bottom of it, it is almost pointless, as we cannot change the facts and can spend a lot of valuable time trying.

Denso Steelcoat™ Protects Newquay Private Suspension Bridge

If your home is the beauty of an island, connected to the Cornish coast by a suspension bridge, you have few problems – but one of the biggest is the corrosive marine atmosphere. When the owners of The Island in Newquay were planning maintenance work on their private footbridge they wanted to use a product which would give the steel cables long-lasting protection against the harsh coastal elements.

Dash Dynamics

Dash Dynamics are your answer for resin domed badges and stickers for all industry types. Our artwork team can assist in the design of custom badges to include your own design, logo or details.

Hydra-Cell® Metering Solutions P400 Pumps offer enhanced performance

Wanner has made significant improvements to its Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions Model P400 pumps that aid in priming for low-speed operation and improve performance when pumping gaseous fluids such as hypochlorite solutions. Geometry changes to the diaphragm pocket valve plate have reduced the diaphragm pocket by 30%, thus minimizing “dead space” within the pump chamber. In addition, the valve port through-holes have been reduced by 6% to increase fluid velocity through the valve plate.

The Complete Information Centre

The latest new product from Beaverswood helps project your messages to customers, visitors or staff with a ‘Boards4frames’ information centre. A flexible board system that gets your notices… noticed. This system offers either an edgeless board, or a number of boards sited together to create larger panels. Two board choices are available – magnetic receptive or non-magnetic, supplied with either A3 or A4 document frames.

You’re an OEM?

Need a customised embedded PC solution?

At BVM we have many years experience in the design and manufacture of embedded PC systems and panel PC’s. Whatever you application, talking it over with an experienced engineer might just give you that inspiration you need. Very likely we can provide that resource you’ve been looking for to ensure your project is a success.

Better Signal-to-Noise Ratio Means Better Level Control.

Guided wave radar represents the standard for accurate, reliable level measurement, but not all GWR transmitters are equal. Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is a critical performance indicator – and the Eclipse® Model 706 has a SNR nearly 3 times higher than competitors

PanelPilotACE Display Capabilities Extended

Lascar’s PanelPilotACE is a unique software and hardware display platform ideal for rapid development of touchscreen machine interfaces and control monitoring displays – without writing code.


EBE Engineering, a leading developer and supplier of Venturi orifice steam traps, has launched ECOFLOW, a market-leading steam trap that incorporates the flange into the main casting.  The EFK-F and EFG-F versions are both cast in one piece, using CF8 Stainless Steel, which provide the traps with consistent strength, resilience and dimensional accuracy.

Introducing Croft Filter’s Quick Release Filter – For a simple way to improve a filtration process.

Improving filtration standards can be a challenge for many companies, especially those with fixed operating systems with little room to insert new filter housings to help meet improved filtration standards. Inserting a housing may intrude on the operating system, requiring a new operating layout that comes at cost in downtime.


Simply modernize your high-performance computing, enterprise, and cloud applications for faster, scalable, and portable parallel code

New whitepaper highlights ‘perfect storm’ holding back true potential of filtration efficiency

A lack of technological innovation and the overlooking of filtration’s importance within process development is creating a ‘perfect storm’ for inefficiency, according to BPE.

The company, a UK leader in chemical and biochemical engineering design, has published a new whitepaper looking into the subject. It argues that two key factors have come together to create a formula for inefficiency within manufacturing that uses filtration within its processes.

Author Noel Quigley, who was recently announced as BPE’s new managing director, says that addressing both elements could see huge benefits for manufacturers, including increased efficiency and process robustness.

BPE says that filtration is largely overlooked during the development of new processes, particularly in scale-up projects, and can become a major obstacle in scaling up new processes from the lab to commercial plant.

Noel says: “Across all industrial sectors, there is a requirement for some form of solid-liquid separation. Regardless of scale or whether the solids are a valuable product or an unwanted waste stream, precision separation of the solid and liquid streams is usually a critical step in the process. It is therefore curious that during development of new processes, this step is largely overlooked.”

The second factor that BPE’s whitepaper identifies is a lack of technology development to transcend sector and scale boundaries. Noel explains: “Development of filtration technology has also typically been driven by vendors responding to specific market opportunities. This results in technology that tends to be limited by scale, industry sector or process duty, with little/no research into application outside of these constraints.

“Consequently, the scale-up of filtration processes is typically limited to catalogue engineering reusing the same technology already prevalent within the sector, often creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies that could be removed through application of better technology.”

The whitepaper, entitled ‘Filtration – The Forgotten Process’ goes on to explore the challenges involved in pushing filtration to the next level, including flow prediction calculations and getting the right pressure and resistance for the batch size.

It also looks into continuous filtration, which provides a smaller footprint, lower costs and greater opportunities for process control as manufacturers scale up.

BPE is making the whitepaper available to anyone for free as part of its mission to share best practise with the industry. The company plans to issue several whitepapers throughout 2018 and is keen to hear feedback from other process engineers to help mould new approaches and move the industry forward.

To get hold of a copy visit

T: 01962 7170070

Zimmer Group : Automation Specialists

Zimmer Group Ltd was established in 1980 in Rheinau-Freistett by brothers, Martin and Günther Zimmer. With the company’s HQ based in Germany, Zimmer Group  specialise in the manufacturing of automation products. Their industry sector is quite expansive, as they provide services in automation, placing them in a bigger spectrum.  Zimmer Group Ltd offers bespoke and dedicated application engineering solutions; they merged and consolidated their company in 2013.

TGF600 Thermal Mass Flow Meters for Syngas

Syngas or ‘synthesis gas’ is a combination of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, small quantities of carbon dioxide and other trace gases. Syngas is the result of gasification of various carbon-containing fuels to produce a gaseous product with heating value. This is what we know as Syngas. Thermal mass flow meters are the most suitable flow meters for Syngas.


EBE Engineering, a leading developer and supplier of Venturi orifice steam traps, has launched ECOFLOW, a market-leading steam trap that incorporates the flange into the main casting.  The EFK-F and EFG-F versions are both cast in one piece, using CF8 Stainless Steel, which provide the traps with consistent strength, resilience and dimensional accuracy.

Solving corrosion with science, together we can do it.

Your choice of hydraulic and Instrumentation tubing for your project may not seem critical, but it does make a major difference in eliminating unnecessary risks. No unscheduled downtime – No leaks- Zero accidents- and immediate support, if you need it- It’s what we call The Sandvik Peace of Mind Standard.

Over 30 years worth of experience to deliver the ultimate filtration solutions.

Croft Filters Ltd are a leading UK manufacturer of over 31 years who specialises in manufacturing customised filtration solutions and supplying Self-Cleaning filters. The Company supplies a range of industry sectors including the Food and Beverage industry.

PHOENICS- Your Gateway to CFD Success CHAM Case Study Simulation of a new CSO Chamber Design for the Water Industry

Concentration Heat And Momentum Limited (CHAM) is a leading software development and consulting company specialising in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques applied to industrial and environmental applications. Its primary product, PHOENICS, introduced in the early 1980’s, become the first commercially-available general-purpose CFD package available on the market. Its latest incarnation, PH-2018, is widely used by academia, researchers and commercial organisations for the mathematical modelling of all processes involving fluid flow, heat- and mass-transfer, chemical reaction and combustion.

Achieve a Masters and work towards Chartered Engineer status.

As well as demonstrating your expertise within the sector, Chartership may also increase your earning potential and career opportunities.

Rack Mount AC-DC UPS Series from Powersolve provides up to 300Watts DC output power

 Power supply specialist Powersolve announces the PFD Series, a “no break” power system designed to provide constant DC power without interruption. These are 1U, 19in rack mount units designed to provide 12, 24 or 48VDC from an input voltage of 180 to 264VAC (50/60Hz).


Designed for the Engineer who needs to take quick, accurate thickness measurements, the ‘Cygnus 4+’ is a highly reliable, extremely rugged and simple to use ultrasonic thickness gauge.