Supply chain reliability needs power continuity

Power cuts are highly disruptive to supply chains, in an already over-stretched situation, it just makes matters even worst.

Businesses need to act – Reputation is Gold

Safeguard and highlight vulnerabilities with our Free Site Survey

Soemtimes you may simply be unaware of weaknesses within your infrastructure that have developed secretly over the years.

Priority is the day to day operation of your facility. No time to look,’ Under the bonnet’ of the electrical facilities on site

Power Continuity, carries out site surveys at critical installations across the UK on an annual basis. We bring our mobile test equipment to site and identify operational status of the site infrastructure. Thermal imaging to ensure there are no hidden ‘hot spots’ lurking in the dark ready to fail.

Backup Power isn’t just for Christmas

All installed emergency power systems are dependent on their fuel being clean and uncontaminated, So – Why filter your diesel? Waste of time??

Because even when fuel arrives clean ,over time microbial fungi develop & Multiply rapidly invisible to the human eye, they breed in the darkness of your fuel tanks.

Left unchecked, this floating scum builds up in the tanks,then clogs the injectors, cuasing any generator to fall over during the start requence.

Worst case, especially during very cold winters, is that your fuel becomes totoally contaminated. Then the problem is getting your fuel when everyone needs a top up. Better to ensure your Backup power is ‘good for go’ at any time and no et down by poor quality diesel.

Don’t check at Christmas ! Check your Back UP Power every week.



Supply chains very from medium up to multi megawatt installations, therefore we only install the most robust reputable diesel generators from the best manufacturers.

Responsible for the total design, build and installayion supply chain working systems from the concept stage, all the way through to operational status, all designed and created by our own ‘in house’ team of site experienced engineers. We are the Main Contractor.

We keep your SUPPLY CHAIN working 24/7 to keep your customers supplied and happy chappies. Content customers are regular clients who stay with you.

Our trade mark – Power Continuity– ensures that you have the best the power protection that the industry has to offer- Guaranteed by Power Continuity Ltd.

NO BREAK Power Protection systems give you the peace of mind that whenever the GRID fails; your site will NEVER lose Power Continuity.

Power Continuity engineers, design and install NO BREAK power protection solutions that ensure that your supply chain doesn’t suffer from power failure.

Need severe weather protection for your generators?

Containerised Industrial Diesel Generators allow the best worst weather protection. “Walk Inside’ containers protect the fuel tanks and the AMF switchgear from the ravages of the UK climate. Protected from climate change hostilities you know that our generators will start every time.

Over 25 years, Power Continuity has expanded its expertise NO BREAK power protection also into designing and installing Fire Suppression systems & Air Con Systems in conjunction with our ‘bullet proof’ total ‘NO BREAK seamless power protection systems. Total Power Protection package with our own service maintenance under one umbrella.


Let Power Continuity health test your system, in fact we can even have our engineers by your side when you carry out your first mains fail test.

Critical power is what we do. Power Continuity is what we install. WE ARE POWER CONTINUITY ltd.

With our 25 years of experience in the Critical Power Installation field, some of your own daily activities are already power protected by Power Continuity installed systems, every day of the year.

Let’s provide a new perception as to how to secure your power continuity moving forwards, today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future. From Bank to Hospitals, from Pharmaceuticals to Manufacturing, our Power Continuity systems operate 24/7/365, year in and year out, protecting our clients from the issues of a very vulnerable GRID supply.

In an non dependable world we all need Power Continuity- Just call us…..


Call us on 0845 055 8455

We are POWER CONTINUITY here to help 24/7


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