Product developments for water and water based liquids

For 2019 the KOBOLD Group continues a program of pragmatic instrument development with enhanced editions of the class leading MIM electromagnetic flow meter, introduced earlier in 2018, will soon feature a range or connection sizes from ½” to 2”, and a remote version for process temperatures up to 130°C.

New for 2019 will be model MIS, a full bore electromagnetic flowmeter featuring the unique and versatile electronics module from the popular MIM instrument, allowing for all flow directions due to the indexing programmable digital TFT display screen.  As with its instrument parent, model EPS/DMH, the cast steel bodies will be available with a choice of hard rubber, soft rubber, PTFE/PFA, EPDM, and ceramic liners.  Also for 2019, both the MIM and the MIS instruments now feature IO-Link, a useful and increasingly requested feature, especially for Industry 4.0 compliance.  Standard analogue, frequency, and pulse outputs are standard as well as alarm, dosing, and totalising features.  The MIM however remains unique with the inclusion of a built-in Pt1000 sensor.

With elements borrowed from the MIM and EPS/DMH models, the new MIS model is clearly a very competent full bore electromagnetic flowmeter, suitable for a wide range of standard applications, and price competitive too.  However, where a higher technical specification is required, such as HART® or ATEX, or even larger pipe sizes up to DN1200/ANSI 48”, the EPS model with revised UMF2 electronics launched in 2018 to replace the DMH model covers all bases.  For applications where insertion is the preferred method of installation the revised PIT model is ideal and utilizes the familiar UMF2 electronics.

As well as electromagnetic flow meters, for water applications KOBOLD manufacture an extensive range of flow instruments including variable area, rotating vane, turbine wheel, ultrasonic, vortex, differential pressure, and Coriolis.  With a great range of pressure, temperature, level, and analytical instruments, KOBOLD are one of the world’s most comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of process instruments.

2019 promises to be a very good year for KOBOLD with further developments and product launches; watch out for new and innovative pressure and temperature products during the course of the year!       01623 427701

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