When drilling holes, the annular cutter works faster than twist drills and leaves clean, burr-free holes with efficient chip clearance, less chatter, decreased cutter breakage and increased drilling productivity without pre-drilling or step-drilling.

Karnasch HARD-LINE carbide-tipped annular cutters are available from ATA Garryson in cutting depths of 40mm, 55mm, 80mm, 110mm and 150mm, in diameters from 12mm to 200mm.

The proven cutting edge geometry of the Karnasch carbide-tipped annular cutters ensures smooth running and easy machining of almost all types of steel. Even with materials that are extremely difficult to machine, such as hardox, titanium, inconel and steel (UIC 60), you get excellent results. The Karnasch range also offers a specialist carbide tipped annular cutter for Hardox material.

Even under sub-optimal working conditions, such as overhead work or with zero or little cooling, a much higher performance can be achieved.

Karnasch carbide tipped annular cutters are equipped with carbide teeth and produced in an elaborantpre-/ intermediate- / after cutting geometry. Additionally, the cutters are made with a conical helix. All these features result in clatter-free, silent and easy cutting for highest cutting ability and longer tool life.


Karnasch carbide-tipped annular cutters are available with heat-resisting high performance coatings which prolongs the life of the tool and gives a more consistent performance. All carbide-tipped annular cutters coatings are adjusted to the tool materials.


The fact is, the best annular cutters are carbide tipped.

Karnasch HARD-LINE annular cutters from ATA Garryson, provide maximum cutting capacity;

  • Drilling in hardened steel up to 40 Rockwell (HRC)
  • Drilling all sorts of stainless steel
  • Drilling the most difficult alloys – Hardox, Inconel, Titanium
  • Drilling all non ferrous metal such as aluminium, copper and brass

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The extensive Karnasch Professional Tools range from ATA Garryson, offers quality tools for almost every application for milling, drilling, reaming, sinking, grinding and sawing.

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