GRAPHALLOY®, a graphite/metal alloy, is a proprietary material that works where traditional bearings often fail.  It is particularly useful where petroleum lubricants cannot be used, for example, at high temperatures and in submerged applications.

Self‑lubricating GRAPHALLOY withstands high temperatures, performs well under cryogenic conditions, and can survive dry running in pumps. It maintains its integrity even when submerged in hostile liquids such as acids, Alkalies, hydrocarbons, black liquor and natural gas liquids (NGL).

GRAPHALLOY bushings are corrosion resistant and the thin layer of GRAPHALLOY deposited on the shaft inhibits corrosion of the shaft.  GRAPHALLOY Bushings resist attack by most corrosive liquids and gases such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorine water, and caustics.  Graphalloy bushings also perform well in submerged or washdown applications.

GRAPHALLOY bushings provide lifetime cost savings over conventional bushings and bearings and are available in NSF,WRAS and FDA grades.


Dennis Rawle
Director of Sales Europe, Graphite Metallizing Corp.
+44 (0) 7810662113


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