Complex, and Costly options Resolved with Quantum Controls VSD Expertise

Quantum Controls client was facing a large, complex and costly option of using diesel power generation. They needed support to test the systems and reduce costs.

But what could be done?!

The amount of power required to test a refurbished pump/motor is costly with power limitations.

Researching all options, the client found that the most effective option was a diesel-powered generator which would maintain a high level of power whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Quantum Controls expertise was desperately needed to provide a solution in reducing motor and generator load and offer cost savings.

The team was task-oriented, aiming to test, certify, and despatch the clients motor/pump package within time and budget.

Their goal was to offer a greener option and save their client money.

Reducing Generator Loads

Using their in-house expertise, Quantum Controls assessed the options to deliver bespoke support to their client.

The end-user required a post refurbishment factory acceptance test to show the pump duty power and efficiency were within the required tolerances. The team of experienced engineers tested a refurbished pump/motor before returning it to their client’s site.

The motor tested was a 500KW, 415V, 4pole machine with a full load current of approximately 880Amps. The generator had to be oversized to suit the OEM’s starter method for this rating.

The generator with a KVA power factor of 0.8 required a unit capable of delivering 600KW of power for the 500KW motor.

To allow for the starting current peak transient, the generator needed to be sized to at least 5 x the motor FLC / power, so from a 500KW motor load, a generator power supply of 3000KVA was required.

This would mean synchronising at least three sets of 1000KVA generators for the starting current and one remaining 1000KVA in the circuit to power the 500KW load.

This was a costly way to test a motor.

Quantum Controls Expertise Leads To Cost Savings

Saving the client money and offering a greener option was Quantum Controls main aim.

Through extensive research and skill, the team added a variable speed drive (VSD) to control the full load of the motor’s starting and running point.

This option offered a power factor near as 1.0 to the motor load. The VSD accelerated the motor and pump load with excess starting/acceleration current to the full load current.

From this, the team calculated:

500KW power required at 415V, 1.0 PFC through VSD control, KVA rating considering losses for harmonics generated from a six pulse system into the generator then an 850KVA generator set would be suitable for the tests.

Quantum Controls supplied an 850KVA generator to the client with a 500KW VSD hire panel.

Tests were completed as required and within the power limitations from their selections accordingly.

This led to several benefits for the client, including;

Benefit 1: Only one generator set was now required rather than 3, saving on rental costs and unnecessary additional transport costs and space on site needed to house them.

Benefit 2: Power reduced from 3000KVA down to 850KVA, with the added option of the 850KVA being more suitably selected to the 500KW full load lower / current required.

Benefit 3: Fewer fuel costs/carbon losses, not only on startup with 3 x units but on running currents. The drive offers optimal power/torque control and reduces loads on the generator.

The client was delighted by the results.

Peter Martin, The OEM chief test engineer, said of Quantum Controls successful solution:

 ‘Until we contacted Quantum Controls, we were looking at a large, complex and costly option of using diesel power generation. From the solution provided, we thoroughly tested the system to its total load capacity and proved to our client that our subsequent repair works had been satisfactory to their requirements.

It’s a system we had not even thought of or had recommended by anyone else but will undoubtedly be the system we use with Quantum Controls on future projects.

Cost-Effective and Green – The Ultimate Solution!

The cost and energy/carbon emission savings made the additional VSD hire costs neutral to the project. The VSD option saved more per week than the VSD hire price alone, making it much more cost-effective, not to mention a greener option for the client.

Quantum Controls offers unique generator sizing calculations. Why not speak with the team today to discover the best solution possible for your business?!

For more information, visit, email or call our team on 01661 835 566.

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