Power Quality – More Important than ever

The ever-increasing use of smart devices and energy efficient solutions has the often overlooked effect of polluting and disrupting the Electrical Supply network, always at the expense of the consumer, and often with spectacular and unexpected effects such as loss of supply and equipment failure. A reliable partner able to offer understandable advice, as well as supply mitigating technologies, is an increasingly important part of running any business.

All aspects of Power Quality are invariably viewed as bad news by the consumer and all have their impact on increased costs, increased maintenance and reduced equipment life.

Power Capacitors Ltd has specialised in Power Quality for over 45 years, and is able to manufacture, supply, install, service and upgrade every optimum solution, for every application. The company’s breadth and depth of experience, diversity of customer base and application knowledge make Power Capacitors Ltd the first choice for consultants, contractors, FM companies and end-users alike.

PFC – Power Factor Correction
The use of capacitors to supply reactive power and achieve Power Factor Correction is a well-proven technology, and one offered by Power Capacitors Ltd for over 45 years. An acknowledged market leader, the Blueline PowerCab and PowerCabPlus are supplied in standard and bespoke designs for every requirement in every industry.

AHF-Active Harmonic Filters
Active Filters are able to almost instantaneously measure and compensate for the hormonic currents emitted by todays high efficiency and energy saving devices. Keeping the supply voltage ‘clean’ keeps loads running reliably for longer.

Active Filters can also be used to supply reactive power, and to correct the imbalance in unbalanced loads. The improvements in supply security and the reduction in energy costs are welcomed in every application.

Every modern industrial, commercial or residential installation would benefit from the application of a suitably rated, well specified and properly commissioned Active Filter system.




HPQ-Hybrid Power Quality
The HPQ solution involves the seamless combination of both PFC and AHF devices into a single system where both power factor and harmonic distortion are both controlled by a single piece of equipment.

This offers a two-fold advantage of not only achieving all the Power Quality and Cost Saving benefits of both technologies, but only installing a single system, the initial costs and return on invesment are both improved.


UPQ – Uninterrupted Power Quality
Traditionally extremenly sensitive loads such as Data Centres and Medical Facilities would be protected by Power Factor Correction, Active Harmonic Filters and an uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The UPQ system combines all these functions into a single piece of equipment with the expected reduction in size and cost at the time of installation.

ESS – Energy Storage System
The commercial and technical benefits of Energy Storage are being recognised and adopted at an exponentially increasing rate acorss all market sectors. All sites with embedded generation are able to maximise the commercial gain from their generating equipment whether solar, wind, hydro or biomass.

Industrial and Domestic loads with clearly defined periods of peak consumption are able to reduce their energy costs by employing peak-shaving techniques.

Larger sites with suitable energy storage systems and grid connections are able to earn revenue by employing Demand Side Response strategies such as Frequency Regulation, Voltage Control and Demand Reduction.

SS – Site Services
Power Capacitors ltd has the country’s largest team of specially trained PFC and Power Quality engineers able to perform

  • Site Surveys
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades

These services are offered on all Power Factor Correction and other Power Quality equipment regardless of manufacturer



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