Which consumer-product relies most heavily on precision engineering?

The first product to come to mind should be daysoft daily-disposable contact lenses

Let me explain; daysoft relies on the skilful application of the most advanced manufacturing processes in the world to produce millions of identical contact lenses, time after time.  Our unique process produces lenses at half the cost whilst only using half the plastic compared to any other daily-disposable contact lens manufacturer.

All this has been made possible by the development of a unique process of manufacture based on incredibly advanced precision engineering where the lens is made entirely inside a concave mould of exceptionally high precision.

INPAC Technology

The mould precision relies on the absolute accuracy of metal formers which have been cut to give outstanding accuracy and a ‘mirror’ finish using diamond tipped tools in air-bearing lathes to eliminate all polishing.

The highest level of precision is not just to ensure the lenses provide great vision but so that they sit comfortably and safely on the human eye making …

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every day a comfortable daysoft day

Kind regards

Ron Hamilton CBE, Engineer, Contact Lens Inventor and Daysoft Founder

Shipped direct to your door by the daysoft Team who made them and for half the price using half the plastic and a fraction of the water used by other manufacturers and for just:

£4.99 per box 32 lenses

Delivery costs, UK and Channrl Islands

  • 1-month, 2 boxes delivery £1.50 per box
  • 3-month, 6 boxes delivery £0.58 per box
  • 6-month, 12 boxes delivery £0.29 per box

Data on file showing successful replacement of all major daily-disposable brand covering 700 million daysoft lenses sold into over 90 countries

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