Take these Free Courses on Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Lockout Tagout and Hazardous Areas from Abhisam

Abhisam offers several free online courses on various process industry related topics, on the Abhisam Learning Portal at https://prettygoodcourses.com

You can take these free courses on Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Lockout Tagout (LOTO), Hazardous Areas and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) anytime and complete them on your own schedule.

These self-paced training courses, have a mix of text, videos, animations and exercises that make learning these topics not only easy, but interesting too. These courses are taken by thousands of learners for free, all over the world. A course completion certificate, if required by the learner, is available at a nominal cost.

In addition to these free online courses, Abhisam also offers premium online courses on topics that impart knowledge and skills that are in high demand in the process industry. These cover HAZOP, HAZOP Leadership, What-If Analysis, LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis), Functional Safety & SIL, Safety Instrumented Systems, Hazardous Area Classification, Preventing Fires & Explosions, Confined Space Safety, Chemical Warehouse Safety, Industrial Toxicology, Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Cybersecurity, Variable Frequency Drives, Fieldbus, Hazardous Area Instrumentation, Gas Monitors, Intrinsic Safety, GHS and more. You can check out the entire catalog here at https://www.abhisam.com/e-learning-course-catalog/

Premium courses come with free certification and electronic badges. Learners can enhance their knowledge, upgrade their skills and earn a certificate, as well as an electronic badge (on passing the course). These badges can be displayed on the learner’s social media profile (such as on LinkedIn), added to email signatures and the learner’s Resume. This is great for individuals to showcase their skills and achievements to potential employers and clients. It is equally useful for organizations too, who wish to demonstrate that they have a large pool of highly qualified professionals, who possess state of the art skills and knowledge that can deliver great products and services to clients and customers.

Premium Courses can either be purchased separately as individual courses, or can be accessed as part of the Abhisam GOLD membership program, that allows you to access all these courses at a fixed monthly price.

Organizations can purchase an Enterprise license for a course (that allow multiple learners to access  a course and earn certificates and badges), or optionally sign up for the Abhisam PLATINUM membership program that allows multiple learners to access all courses.

Enterprise licensing also has additional options to see learner progress on an online Dashboard, that can be used to track learner activity on a granular basis. This is great to not only monitor learner progression through each course, but also to demonstrate compliance to any regulatory authorities that require training records for each learner. Since this is done automatically by our system, organizations can get training records and reports automatically with no additional effort.

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