Android App for Ex e terminal box design

(PresseBox) Lauda-Königshofen, 24.10.2018 This Android app for designing
an Ex e terminal box is easy to use. If you want to design a terminal box
based on the Quintex box sizes, just input your different types, sizes and
quantities of needed terminals.

Then define your needed size, type and quantity of glands, as well as the
enclosure side where to mount the glands and let the App search for the
right size of the Quintex enclosure. If you need additional
accessories(mounting plate, earth stud…) or Express delivery you can
toogle to the accessories with the 2nd button left. You will see all
accessories. Check them or choose the amount for earth tags if needed.
After this toogle back to the glands input.

Now you can start the search for the right enclosure. This will open a
window where you see the proper enclosure, all your inputs and the price
of your design.You will see the best size that fits your input. If there
is no proper enclosure size for your requirements you will see a warning.

If you want to order you can send this configuration with the ‘Send’
button. There you can also add some comment (e.g. tags of terminal,
bridges for terminals etc..)

Link at Google play store:

For Android version < 4.2 use our download page with QR code, please:

If you want to do the same at a desktop computer use this link, please:


Über Quintex GmbH

Quintex GmbH manufactures and supplies material for trace heating (heating
tapes, heating cables, controller, connection sets) and explosion
protection ( Ex e terminal boxes, pressurized systems, line bushings,own
range of local control function, local control stations – all can be
specified and ordered online)

We manufacture all our material in our own
approved (ATEX, ISO, FM, CSA…) facility.

By this we can guarantee our
high level of quality, reliability and in time delivery.


Reiner Friedrich
International Sales
Gesellschafter / shareholder
Telefon +49 (9343) 6130-210
Fax +49 (9343) 6130-105

Peter Krapf
Produktmanager/Product manager
Begleitheizung / Trace heating
Telefon +49 (9343) 6130217
Fax +49 (9343) 6130105

Kathrin Neumann
International Sales support
International Sales
Telefon +49 (9343) 6130-123
Fax +49 (9343) 6130-105

Dave Redfern
Trace heating /Begleitheizung
Telefon +49 (9343) 6130214
Fax +49 (9343) 6130105

Klaus Weiter
product manager /Produktmanager
Ex Material Applikation
Telefon +49 (9343) 6130-212
Fax +49 (9343) 6130-105

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