Through a process of continued development and product enhancements, the renowned three-in-one COSPECT pressure reducing valve from steam system specialist TLV Euro Engineering has been upgraded and is now being offered with integrated pressure gauges as standard across the range.

Commenting for TLV Euro Engineering, general manager Michael Povey says: “By upgrading and offering the pressure gauges as standard across the range, we have enhanced the COSPECT to make it even more of a unified steam system solution. The integrated gauges also mean no additional pipework modification is required before or after the PRV, which reduces installation time and minimises process downtime.”.

Originally launched over 35 years ago, the COSPECT is a combined pilot-operated pressure reducing valve (PRV), cyclone separator, strainer and steam trap in a single component that overcomes the limitations and inadequacies of conventional PRVs and solves their many associated problems – including fluctuations in primary and secondary pressures and valve hunting and vibration – to provide improved-quality dry steam at a constant pressure and temperature.

By eliminating the conventional arrangement and combining four separate components into a single valve, the COSPECT delivers numerous engineering benefits by incorporating fewer gaskets, spool pieces and fixings, improving moisture separation and providing accurate and stable pressure control. It is also more sensitive to downstream pressure fluctuations, is reliable in operation and its unified, modular construction facilitates easy, in-line maintenance.

In addition to the engineering benefits, the single component design of the five-model COSPECT makes it faster and easier to install, is lighter than the sum of using separate components, reduces the amount of insulation required and reduces the requirement for pipe support brackets, etc.

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