Expromet Group Manufacturing for a Greener Future

How Expromet Group companies are reducing their environmental impact

In the wake of COP26, the need to reduce emissions and find more sustainable means of meeting our energy demands has never been clearer. As a major contributor to pollution, it is incumbent on the global manufacturing industry to take all possible steps to reduce its impact on the environment.

Expromet Technologies Group takes this responsibility very seriously and our Group companies, Haworth Castings, Investacast and Metaltech, are working on a variety of initiatives to achieve this goal.

Environmentally aware manufacturing businesses

Lean manufacturing

At the simplest level, the Group companies work continuously to ensure their various manufacturing methods minimise the use of energy, materials and time to deliver the best outcomes at the lowest environmental cost. This includes recovering scrap metal, recycling sand and swarf and reusing customer packaging where appropriate.

Waste-free design

The use of state-of-the-art simulation software enables products to be designed right first time, without the trial and error of using metal, tooling or consumables to prove a design concept. Prototypes are produced quickly using methods such as 3D scanning and printing, providing customers with an early opportunity to verify the product prior to committing to full production.

Indeed, throughout the design and manufacturing process we push the boundaries of engineering to achieve efficient and sustainable design. Each of our companies strives to deliver lean and green manufacturing processes that benefit both Expromet’s customers and the planet.

Investment in green energy

As a group, Expromet is investing to reduce its environmental footprint. Major projects include the installation of biomass heating to reduce the use of fossil fuels, and extensive solar panels to provide sustainable energy. Each Group company is also looking at ways to make better use of energy – for example, upgrading a factory roof has improved access to natural light whilst providing better insulation; and installing motion-sensitive LEDs has significantly reduced the demand for electric lighting.

Delivering for the renewable energy sector

For many years, Haworth Castings, Investacast and Metaltech have supported multiple customers in the Energy sector, providing products used in applications such as pump & valve and safety critical equipment.

Expromet is committed to providing solutions for the clean energy sector and is participating in schemes to promote green energy, such as the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership WEST programme, which supports UK companies that have the potential to work in the offshore wind sector by helping them to develop and commercialise their offering to the sector.

Expromet looks to a cleaner manufacturing future

Expromet Technologies Group has a clear commitment to working towards a sustainable manufacturing future through direct and indirect initiatives, knowing that every little helps.

“We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment,” confirms CEO Alistair Schofield. “Expromet aims to play a leading role in the manufacturing supply chain, driving the development of clean and renewable energy solutions – supporting our customers as well as helping the planet.”

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