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Since 1981 Ceratech have been at the forefront of manufacturing office peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and webcams. Over the years, Ceratech have expanded their customer base by providing bespoke and OEM office peripherals for several different industries, including EPOS, Assistive, and Medical.

The internal mechanics of keyboards are quite simple, with the keycap technology falling into one of three options: Scissor Key, Membrane, and Mechanical. To meet the needs of other industries, changes are made to the keyboard casing during the manufacturing process.
This can range from simple alterations, such as switching the keycaps’ colour from black to yellow, to more substantial modifications, such as changing the material used.

Assistive and programmable keyboards are internally identical to a ‘regular’ keyboard, with changes made to the design to make them accessible. For example, manufacturing a keyboard with large buttons and bright colours makes it easier for someone with a physical or visual disability to use it – even though no changes are being made to the internal technology. For users who struggle with dexterity, they can pre-program a keyboard to enter specific commands at the push of a button. This can be an invaluable tool for disabled keyboard users, and again does not involve changing the internals of the keyboard – simply housing it in a more accessible casing.

Medical keyboards are a challenge to manufacture due to the high specification of hygiene and ease of cleaning for infection control. There are several aspects of design on a typical keyboard that would not lend itself to a medical environment; space between keys where dust and dirt can get trapped, being hard to clean, and the transfer of bacteria or germs by touching the keys. A simple solution is to house a regular keyboard in a silicon case coated with silver nanoparticles – which disturbs bacteria cell functions, causing the cell to die and inhibiting reproduction. The keyboard can then have a ‘cleaning’ mode that disables input for a while, allowing the user to simply wipe the keyboard clean.

Caring for the environment and minimising the amount of waste plastic produced is an important part of manufacturing, so Ceratech have begun manufacturing fully biodegradable and compostable peripherals using their signature Accuratus Bioplastic. The material is partly made from wheat and contains an organic polymer called lignin, which is found in plants and wheat and strengthens the stalk. By breaking the wheat down with bacteria and natural sugars, the lignin can be turned into a workable material with similar properties to plastic. This Bioplastic is a huge step forward in creating a circular economy for keyboards and mice, and drastically reduces the amount of waste per product.

As a manufacturer of office peripherals, Ceratech Accuratus are leading the way with their adaptable approach to manufacturing and resourceful ways of problem solving.

Contact Details:

(+44) 01420 85470
Ceratech Accuratus Ltd,
Units 2-4 Ashridge Business park,
Forge Road,Kingsley,Hampshire,GU35 9LW


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