Sinergo: Special systems for factory automation and electronics.

For over thirty years, Sinergo, an Italian company, has been developing and manufacturing high-tech custom automation systems for the production and assembly of electronic products, circuit boards, inverters, power semiconductors, and e-mobility solutions.

Innovation, reliability, creativity, and commitment have always been the strengths of this company, which over the years has accumulated extensive experience in various sectors including defense, aerospace, and medical industries.

Sinergo is the perfect choice for those seeking high quality, experience, research and development, and above all, innovative and efficient solutions capable of solving potential challenges and optimizing processes and productivity, always considering the importance of energy and time savings.

Thanks to its own Know-how, Sinergo develops solutions and technologies meeting the requests of customers in different sectors.

Some of the solutions that can be available as standard or customized are:

  • Parts feeding and custom automations: machines with component feeding from trays, carriers and magazinesĀ  or in random order;
  • Robotic handling: Often, complex part handling solutions are implemented, using cartesian and anthropomorphic robots;
  • Picking devices by robot driven by machine vision: Sinergo’s robotic systems are integrated with vision systems where necessary, allowing intelligent picking thanks to the recognition of the position of pieces that are scattered and without correct orientation;
  • Odd components pick and place: The components are often of a particular type, such as sensors, connectors, and much more. For this reason, they require dedicated picking, placing and assembly solutions;
  • Tailor made mass production assembling line with controlled assembly processes, controlled screwing, connection of electronic, mechanical, soldering, dispensing, potting, sensor, and hydraulic parts;
  • Selective soldering: hot iron, blue laser, e.m. induction: different technologies and different grade of automation to cover all the necessities of high quality soldering and brazing.
  • Blue Laser Soldering and Marking Machines: Equipment for selective soldering using blue laser sources and also for marking electronic boards for traceability purposes, both in top marking and top+bottom marking versions.
  • Lines of assembling and production for power semiconductor modules: we cover different phases of the production of them among them there is the special process of soldering the power leads on ceramic substrates by e.m. induction. Boards.
  • Fluids dispensing: Machine for gasketing and potting, both single and two-component, also with integrated degassing and pumping functions. These are machines for volumetric dosing of adhesives, silicones, and fluids commonly used in electronics, power electronics, and e-mobility.

In the company, digital devices and power electronics are designed, both digital and analog. Additionally, high-frequency switching systems and laser systems with their respective software are developed. Artificial vision tasks are also developed, implementing various imaging techniques in visible, infrared, or laser spectrums for 2D and 3D quality measurement and control, as well as robot guidance functions.

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