Save time and money with Lindapter’s lifting solutions

Lifting Points are typically used in industrial facilities to support the lifting or rigging of heavy equipment. Lindapter have announced the arrival of the new Type ALP, which unlike Lindapter’s previous Lifting Points that were custom made for individual applications, the Type ALP is available as a standard stocked item.

Type ALP



This versatile lifting point adjusts to suit a wide range of beam width and flange thicknesses and the orientation of the lift, allowing contractors to use just one type of lifting point in many situations.  The Type ALP can be used for parallel and tapered beams and provides resistance to both tensile and frictional loading.

Lindapter’s time saving lifting points have been used by contractors for over 60 years and the Type ALP is the latest addition to the range. Applications vary from the rigging or lifting of equipment on offshore oil platforms to museum exhibits, entertainment arenas and manufacturing facilities. Whatever the application, Lindapter’s durable products are valued for their quality and reliability, and provide contractors with a safe, quick and convenient lifting system without the need for drilling or welding.

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