Quantum Design UK and Ireland (QDUKI)

Quantum Design UK and Ireland (QDUKI) presents the second edition of its popular Imaging Cameras magazine. Packed with case studies, applications, new products and solutions to your scientific challenges. QDUKI has been involved with Imaging Cameras for 20 years as a distributor. In this copy of the magazine, they announce a range of rental cameras available for you to ‘try before you buy’ or simply use as a one-off for an upcoming research project.

This edition features a case study on detecting foreign objects on food, focusing on chicken breast, cheese and veggie patties. Discover how the circadian rhythms in mice can help improve OUR health, and how thermography is being used for damage and function analysis of electronic components. Specim hyperspectral imaging camera users are harnessing the power of hyperspectral imaging in the global fight against food waste, and have made breakthroughs in black plastic sorting and textile sorting. You can learn about a brand-new range of ruggedised CMOS cameras, from Raptor Photonics, that suit any environment and are especially useful for: surveillance applications, including low-light and airborne surveillance, driver vision enhancement, and digital night vision.

Plus, meet QDUKI’s resident cameras expert, Technical Sales Manager, Dr. Luke Nicholls, who says, “With all the new product launches, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the choice, so please do get in touch with me for a chat about your requirements and application and I can help you select the perfect camera.

Get in touch today to discuss your next research project or learn more at qd-uki.co.uk.

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