Thousands of swivel options… Figure in our custom design service and the possibilities are unlimited.

Super Swivels® has provided superior products for a large variety of hydraulic uses for nearly 30 years. Designing and manufacturing heavy-duty, leak free, live swivels at a competitive price with outstanding performance.

The heat treating process and patented design enables higher working pressure ratings. Super Swivels large inventory provides exceptional service and delivery times. Custom design, engineering and adaptation fulfill demanding hydraulic needs.

Super Swivels heavy-duty, leak free, live swivels fit a wide range applications, a few of which include; hose reels, sprayers, heavy machinery, automatic car washes, trucks, drilling, wheel motors, robotics, railroads, and mining. These swivels are engineered for simplified connections, allowing direct connections to hose lines doing away with adapters.

Super Swivels live swivel action reduces risk of hose twisting and kinking even in 90° angel connections. This simplification reduces the complication of hose line connections requiring less hose and, reduced space needs. The increased hose movement allowed by Super Swivels’ superior design reduces system rigidity and helps to absorb system impulses. Less hydraulic line congestion, reduced hose kinking, lower risk of shock damage and twisting which means lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

Super Swivels has engineered the best heavy-duty and compact live swivel designs allowing manufactures to create the most efficient and smallest products possible. The superior design and reliability features allows for the most efficient aftermarket modifications and repairs.









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