Proximity Sensor GO Switch 52M: Robust and Versatile

The TopWorx GOTM Switch Hybrid sensor Model 52M from Emerson is a rugged solution for harsh environments with a stainless steel enclosure and metal sensing face. As part of sophisticated system solutions the product helps to verify proper connection of single use components in life sciences, and many other industries..

Proximity Sensor for All Seasons

In the process and the food and beverage industries, proximity sensors are often used to monitor if a valve is open or closed. This task is crucial in process control, and the lifetime of these sensors has a big impact on both uptime and maintenance costs. The sensors have to withstand extreme temperatures in both directions, be robust against a broad range of chemicals including strongly corroding ones, and work interference-free in strong magnetic fields. They also have to endure shocks and vibrations.

The robust and versatile TopWorx GOTM Switch proximity sensor Model 52 from Emerson with exclusive dry-contact technology suits perfectly in these environments. The 12mm sensor enclosed in stainless steel with a metal sensing face stands up better to physical abuse as components with resin surfaces. It operates in a temperature range from -40°C to +100°C and works without power. Emerson also focuses on ease-of-use. Users do not need to specify NPN or PNP, as the polarity insensitive sensor can easily be adopted to both. Its shock resistance is 1,000m/s² and its vibration resistance covers 10 – 55Hz at a 1.5 mm double amplitude.

The sensor is not only robust but also versatile and part of sophisticated system solutions in life sciences. The proximity sensors are used in clamp/holders connecting single use components with the process piping. The proximity sensors monitor the connection of the new components and alert the controls that they are ready to be used. Additional integrity tests can be included to further assure the connections are properly secured.

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