Modular aluminium profiling systems can provide the solution to almost any application

MiniTec UK is no stranger to manufacturing technologies and making systems work as simply and effectively as possible. The MiniTec modular aluminium profile system, with its unique Powerlock® fastening method, allows effortless implementation that can minimise design time and speed up installation.

Modular aluminium profile systems provide simple and flexible solutions to help shape  fundamental building blocks of the smart factory of the future. MiniTec’s range includes traditional machine cages and enclosures through to ergonomically designed workstations and assembly lines as well as modern storage and handling systems.

Flexible Machine System (FMS)

MiniTec understand that flexibility in production is becoming increasingly important. Fast and easy adjustment to product developments or changing market requirements is a decisive factor for success. MiniTec can supply customised solutions for all manner of different tasks. Entire production lines can be put together from its conveyor, workplace system and plant automation product ranges.

Machine Safety Guarding

The MiniTec modular aluminium profile system is perfect for machine safety guarding. Easy and quick to assemble and able to integrate with existing systems, MiniTec can create custom built guards, screens and enclosures for a wide range of machine and assembly lines.


MiniTec workstations allow for increased productivity and minimised errors. They have logical operations features and the innovative designs enable even complex workflows to be simplified. The workstations are highly flexible as they can be easily integrated into a wide range of existing processes.

The essential flexibility of the modular profile system lends itself perfectly to limitless applications. The execution of such projects requires MiniTec’s in-depth technical and design expertise to ensure all aspects of the requirement and specification are met.

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