Seeley International: your trusted experts for industrial and commercial efficient cooling solutions

We will not be able to meet at MACH show (rescheduled to 2021) but Seeley International experts are ready to guide you through the best cooling solutions for your company.

Seeley International are the experts in the United Kingdom for providing efficient and cost-effective cooling solutions for all industry types. They lead the market in the design and manufacture of air conditioning systems based on Evaporative Cooling technology, with award winning brand names including Breezair, Coolair, Climate Wizard and Coolerado.

Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the most efficient option when cooling large areas. Traditional Air conditioning is not such a viable option, because in production plants or storage facilities, the capital and running costs would be extremely cost prohibitive.

Evaporative coolers do not need any chemical refrigerants to cool the air: they only use water and electricity to run. For this reason, they are incredibly cost-effective and furthermore kind to the environment. This is an essential characteristic for most businesses, which are trying to adopt more energy efficient solutions with lower carbon footprints. A Breezair evaporative air cooler model TBSI 580 uses up to 84% less energy than conventional air conditioning units performing the same duty in a location like Birmingham. That all adds up to very responsible environmental and energy saving characteristics.

Poor indoor air quality has a negative effect on workers’ health and ultimately, in productivity. IAQ is also essential to mitigate spread of different kind of viruses. In cases where companies have traditional air conditioning units installed, they rely on recirculating the air in the indoor space, and that stale air can be full of fumes and germs. Drawing fresh air from the outside, evaporative coolers offer great advantages, such as cleaner air over refrigerated air conditioning. When evaporative coolers are running, doors or windows must be left open for indoor stale air to escape, or extract fans need to be installed.

Maintaining IAQ above certain levels of relative humidity has been scientifically shown to reduce viral cross infections. Evaporative coolers can maintain a specific level of humidity set with an intuitive touch screen controller. Particularly, evaporative coolers such Breezair or Coolair provide basic moisture that the human body needs. They purge unhealthy pollution from the building and supply 100% fresh filtered air that is never recirculated. Moreover, they remove static electricity and have proved to be successful in reducing the effects of illnesses such as asthma. Evaporative Air Conditioning is much more healthy than conventional air conditioning.

Seeley International evaporative coolers are available in different models, to meet customers’ needs. All units are manufactured in Australia. With offices all over the globe (including Nottingham), the company ensures a strong level of commitment to the local markets and everyday support to dealers and distributors.

To discover the Seeley International product range & technologies, browse Should you wish to install an evaporative cooler system in your company, but you are not sure which model you need, contact us at or call us at 0115 963 5630. Our experts will find the different solutions that best suit your needs.


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