Save time and money with Lindapter

The adjustable nature of Lindapter’s steelwork connections is providing time-saving and cost-effective solutions for contractors installing pipework.

Specifically designed to provide a faster alternative to drilling or welding, Lindapter clamping systems allow stepless lateral adjustability ensuring quick alignment of pipework before tightening with simple hand tools.

Eliminating the need for drilling or welding, also means there are no hot work permits, power or site closures required. Lindapter can even design and manufacture fabricated assemblies for the pipes supporting steelwork, saving contactors even more time and money.

The Type AAF clamp is often used in heavy duty pipe support applications because it is specifically designed for high load requirements, including frictional, tensile and combined load applications. Made from low temperature SG iron and hot dip galvanised as standard, the Type AAF offers high load capacities and corrosion protection even in cold environments, where impact strength is important. This patented high slip resistance clamp self-adjusts to suit 6-40mm flange thicknesses allowing a quick and easy installation process without damaging steelwork coatings.

As a British manufacturer with over 80 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing steel-to-steel connections, Lindapter prides itself on industry leading approvals and extensive technical support.

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