UPS HIRE installation for power continuity

UPS Hire for critical emergency power any where in the country ?

Emergency UPS Power Hire

Power Continuity engineers, can deliver to site NO BREAK power protection solutions from 30kVA up to 10 megawatt temporary UPS installations

In fact, we not only deliver UPS systems to site but our own ‘in house’ team of site experienced engineers will install the temporary soltions too.. We keep your business running.

Short Notice Emergencies

NEVER take for granted that your National Grid supply will always be there come rain or shine. The Ukraine war is causing pressures on the national infrastructures of all countries including the UK. Power Cuts are coming.

The government has already issued warnings for this winter for the UK

Power Continuity, provides temporary critical installations across the UK on an annual basis. Whether your site needs whole site protection or just departments we’ll ensute you’re operational status doesn’t suffer from brown outs or spikes.

Temporary UPS Installations

Containerised UPS solutions allow the best weather protection for exposed sites. “Walk Inside’ UPS containers together with  AMF switchgear allow our systems to even be backed up by temporary generators.

Choice any of the following UPS Hire

UPS with Batteries

UPS solutions in containers

Multiple UPS’s across a site

Rotary Fly Wheel containerised solutions up to 3 megawatts

For over 25 years, Power Continuity has provided temporary critical emergency power for production plants, hospitals, banks, data centres, coast guard and blue light emergency services.

We’ll install temporary 100% NO BREAK power protection with remote monitoring all ‘in house’ by Power Continuity.

Seamless UPS Power Protection

UPS installation for temporary power continuity, that incorporates, Uninterruptible Power Supplies ( UPS) to cover the first seconds whilst the temporary emergency power generators start up.

This is termed ‘NO BREAK Power Protection’.Your site will NEVER lose Power Continuity, even for a millisecond. Absolute seamless electricity when your facility or event MUST remain in operational 24/7.

The Show must go on

Power Continuity Solutions are already protect the critical operations for over 19% of the UK population. Silently providing peace of mind to ensure that what’s important to you is available every hour of the day. Here is a range of UPS solutions to ensure your event goes on:-

UPS hire

  • Inside your building
  • Outside in containers
  • Whole event power protection
  • Absolute Critically

At POWER CONTINUITY we place our reputation on the quality of our temporary installations.We’re here to keep you protected 24/7


Emergency Power Systems is what we do.

Power Continuity is what we install. WE ARE POWER CONTINUITY ltd.

With our 25 years of experience protecting Banks to Hospitals, from Pharmaceuticals to Manufacturing, our Power Continuity systems operate 24/7/365, year in and year out, protecting our clients even when the vulnerable GRID supply fails.They keep functioning without letup.

For UPS Hire call Power Continuity- Don’t panic…..Just call us…..

Call us on 0845 055 8455

We’re here to help you 24/7/365



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