Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd

For more than 25 years Kecol has been the leading UK manufacturer of pumps and priming systems for the transfer of viscous materials in the food pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Kecol has introduced a new follower plate system for use with all its priming systems, which incorporates an inflatable wiper seal to wipe the inside walls of a drum clean during pumping. Manufactured from FDA approved materials, the inflatable wiper system is suitable for drums with different internal diameters, including tapered drums and drums with liners. As well as the standard system, Kecol can manufacture bespoke inflatable wiper seal systems to suit almost any size of drum or vessel. The system can also be added to existing Kecol priming units (Maxiprime, Powerprime, Megaprime etc.).


See the system in action at or contactKecol today for more information.

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