Munters optimises climate conditions for hydrotheraphy pool

Munters have created the perfect indoor climate conditions for a special needs schools swimming pool.  Hillside Primary School in Cumnock, East Ayrshire provides the local community with education and support for children with severe and complex care needs including access to their hydrotherapy pool.
The 30m2 pool is a key facility for the children of the community and so when the original unit that controlled the air conditions was found to be outdated and in poor conditions Munters was introduced. ProkPool, a Munters ProKlima unit was installed into Hillside Primary School as it met all the expectation required from the council for such a popular indoor pool.  It allowed member of staff to adjust the temperature and control the humidity within the pool hall within a varying level, over and above the flexibility of the original unit.

David McCreath of East Aryshire Council stated that, “The new unit was easy to set up and control, there has been no problems since the day it was commissioned.” The successful installation at Hillside Primary School has been so popular East Aryshire Council have implemented Munters solutions in other schools around the same area for a similar purpose.

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·     Dramatically reduce maintenance
·     Achieve perfect conditions
·     Reduce noise levels
·     Save typically £1000 per annum overall

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