Modular MAG system from Johannes Hübner Giessen: breathing space for design engineers to customize encoder solutions

The specialist for robust encoder and drive technologies Johannes Hübner Giessen now offers its bearing-free magnetic encoder series MAG as a modular system. The flexible mechanical design makes it possible to individually adapt the encoder system to the installation situation on-site at customer applications. That not only facilitates tailor-made solutions, but most of all it offers a huge amount of design freedom. Design engineers as well as mechanical and systems engineers are now able to implement encoder solutions in situations where it is not possible to use standard encoders. For instance, it is possible to design extra slim encoders for confined spaces or with additional wide magnetic tracks for applications involving large axial shaft movements. “Most importantly, the safety and reliability of our encoders is decisive”, emphasizes Thomas Brandenburger, head of technical project management at Johannes Hübner Giessen.

The modular MAG system includes both incremental and absolute encoders. They provide the user with high-precision signals thanks to special multiple scanning technology. And in addition to special pulse-wheel constructions for high-speed ranges they boast robust mechanical properties and fastening elements designed for heavy-duty applications. The magnetic encoders are suitable for applications with shaft diameters up to 1500 mm, with or without a free shaft end. That opens up new options for designers to create solutions, for example for applications where there is a large shaft diameter or no free shaft end available to attach the encoder. Moreover, systems with a split pulse wheel are ideal for possible retrofitting solutions.

The MAG system is also optionally available with a speed switch as well as an integrated FOC transmitter for signal transmissions via fiber optic cables.

Individual customer solutions and all-round service

Encoder concepts from Johannes Hübner Giessen are customized to meet individual customer requirements. Design engineers determine the installation conditions on-site and support the customer throughout the calculation and design phases, during production and delivery through to final assembly and installing the encoders. High resistance to external loads such as vibration, shock and dust as well as robust, fully encapsulated electronics mean the encoders are predestined for deployment in heavy industrial applications such as rolling mills, in the mining industry and harbour cranes. Their high degree of protection from IP66 to IP69 is a further distinguishing feature that also underlines their suitability for applications in heavy industry.

New MAG catalog available

The new MAG catalog offers customers and interested parties all the information they need about encoder solutions from Johannes Hübner Giessen – at a glance. In addition to technical specifications and functions, possible fields of applications and additional options are presented.

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Technical data MAG

Type:                                                    One-piece or split pulse wheel

Hollow shaft diameter:                           Up to 1500 mm

Supply voltage:                                     12-30 VDC

Standard pulse rates:                            64 to 30 000

Operating temperature range:                 -40 °C – +85 °C

Axial tolerance:                                     ±3 mm (offset scanning head / pulse wheel)

Radial tolerance:                                  Up to 2.5 mm (air gap scanning head / pulse wheel)


The magnetic encoder series MAG from Johannes Hübner Giessen is a modular system for individual customized solutions and predestined for heavy duty applications.




Precise connection of split pulse wheels for gap-free transition and very high signal quality.


About Johannes Hübner Fabrik elektrischer Maschinen GmbH

Johannes Hübner Giessen operates in the following fields of industry: steel and rolling mills, mining, container cranes, railway technology, hydroelectric power plants, wind turbine generators and power systems. The company is widely recognized as the industry leader in the fields of measurement, encoder and drive technologies. In more than 80 years Johannes Hübner Giessen has installed several thousand applications in heavy industry. The specialist offers an all-round complete service from determining on-site installation conditions through to installing the complete encoder systems.The company presently employs 100 staff.

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