Delivering bespoke solutions where one size doesn’t fit all

In today’s changing requirements for measurement and control, where accuracy and reliability are key; off the shelf instrumentation may not always be the right solution for an application. In such cases a bespoke tailored-made instrument from a recognised and trusted manufacturer must be fit for purpose, whilst both reliable and durable. With over 40 years’ experience in developing and delivering instrumentation for virtually every known application, Kobold Instruments UK ltd specialise in delivering bespoke, turn-key solutions to meet all your measurement and control needs. Whether that be in agriculture, industrial processing, or manufacturing; our instrumentation know-how, attention to detail and tailored support can deliver lasting solutions that produce accurate and reliable results. Our extensive industry knowledge and understanding of the processes involved mean we are best placed to deliver turn-key solutions that come with ongoing consultation and support.

Here are just a few examples of recent turn-key solutions created by Kobold Instruments UK Ltd for a variety of applications.

Portable skid for agricultural applications

KOBOLD Instruments UK Ltd were asked to provide a portable battery powered batch control system for a water based liquid fertilizer application, using the Kobold MIS flowmeter to give accurate measurement and batching. The project was led by our in-house technician who designed, built, and certified both the instrument and housing for the specific application. The solution provided the customer with a Full Bore Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter MIS incorporated into a portable skid for agricultural applications where cable power was not available.

The Kobold type MIS magnetic inductive flowmeter is a versatile full bore flow sensing instrument, suitable for a wide range of applications where the transit fluids are conductive, typically water based.  By utilizing the modular digital electronics pack from the highly successful MIM mag flowmeter, the result is a compact range of sizes from DN40 and ASME 1 ½” to DN200 and ASME 8” covering ranges from 0.2 to 1000 m³/h.  In comparison to Kobold’s more comprehensive EPS full bore flowmeter range, the MIS provides a very competitively priced magnetic inductive flowmeter to suit most industrial applications.


Indication of measured sensor values in a hydrostatic level application and eye-level indication of flow levels within a bottling plant.

Kobold Instruments UK Ltd received two simultaneous application requirements for indication of measured sensor values, one for a hydrostatic level application with a local display at eye level, and one for eye-level indication of flow values from a batch of our MIM digital magnetic inductive flowmeters which although equipped with built-in digital displays, to be installed in a bottling plant, where safe visibility of the flow values was not possible.

In both applications, the specifically designed ALP, with close to full hygienic construction in stainless steel was better suited to comparative remote display products which are constructed from plastic materials, with lower ingress protection and durability.   Also, because the pressure transmitter (hydrostatic level) and the flowmeter had analogue (4-20mA) outputs, the loop-powered ALP suited both instrument types, and this is typical for most sensing instruments with analogue outputs.

The ALP is a high-quality surface mount, loop powered process indicator with a volt-free changeover relay for switched output applications, and a datalogging function. The indicator is powered via the process instrument’s loop current (4-20mA), providing a powerful display interface which also includes a selectable alert LED indication, triggered from the relay contact, as well as advanced messaging, allowing the user to display custom messages for pre-set input ranges or alarm activity. The relay can be turned off if required

Need support with an innovative instrument for your application?

The kobold Instrument’s team is on hand to discuss your application and offer possible solutions. For more information and to talk to our team, contact Kobold Instruments UK Ltd on 01623 472201 or email: or alternatively visit our website at: and to view our standard product range, please visit:

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