Non-Invasive Flow Measurement Solutions

Dynasonics have developed a comprehensive range of simple-to-fit, ultrasonic clamp-on liquid flow meters with portable, hand-held and fixed models for pipes from 13mm to 5000mm in diameter.

Dynasonics meters simply clamp on to the outside of pipes and do not contact the internal liquid, technology that has inherent advantages including: zero pressure head loss, no moving parts to maintain, no fluid compatibility issues, and a bi-directional measuring range at very low and high flow rates.

The most advanced model from Dynasonics is the DXN™. Incorporating innovative hybrid metering technology the DXN™ can automatically switch between transit time and Doppler modes as needed and can be provided with a heat energy feature. With a colour touch-screen interface, internal data logging, USB connectivity and advanced signal processing the DXN™ is an indispensable tool for energy audits.


The TFXL™ is the economical option offered by Dynasonics that provides accurate and repeatable bio-directional flow measurement readings of clean liquids using transit time technology. Featuring a LCD display, 4-20mA analogue output and USB port, this model comes with novel integrated pipe mounting sensors for smaller pipes or with remote transducers for small, medium and large pipes.

The free Windows-based software allows users to easily configure and view data. The TFX Ultra™ incorporates all the features of the TFXL™ but with additional features including Modbus or BACnet communication, a rugged aluminium enclosure and optional heat energy measurement.

Transit time

The DFX™ uses the Doppler technique to measure flows of liquids containing suspended particles or aerated liquids. Doppler flow meters can easily accommodate a variety of what are considered ‘difficult’ flow measurement applications such as sewage, slurries and wastewater. The UFX™ is Dynasonics hand-held, battery-powered Doppler model, the unit employs a non-invasive transducer, which is placed on the outside of pipes.

For advice on choosing the most suited Dynasonics model for the required application contact Bell Flow Systems.


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