J. R. Boone’s Mixer makes Stable Landfill for Augean

J. R. Boone Mixers have supplied a large continuous mixer to Augean PLC to process waste prior to land filling at their Kings Cliffe site near Peterborough, The 90Tonne per hour paddle mixer is capable of processing up to 750 Cubic metres of material per day, stabilising and consolidating the waste to form a stable material, allowing WAC non-complaint materials to become safe for landfill.

J. R. Boone’s already have a successful track record with Augean, having previously supplied another paddle mixer to the company for a similar application. Although Augean did compare J.R. Boone mixers with others, this successful history along with a competitive quote, led to J.R. Boone Ltd being awarded the contract.

The Site mainly handles soils, which need to be stable, and free from any risk of leaching before being landfilled, typical contaminants include metals and hydrocarbons, although every incoming batch of soil is tested to characterise exactly what it contains and to ensure that it can be safely treated. The mixer blends the soil with a cementitious stabiliser, the final mix hardening over the course of a number of days until it is ready for landfill.

This is a heavy duty application and the materials are, of course highly abrasive, so the contra-flow mixer paddles mounted within the semi-omega shaped mixing chamber are ‘Abro Steel’

Based on their experiences in the previous installation, Augean requested a couple of key modifications, particularly by including ‘bomb doors’ to facilitate full, immediate discharge of the mixer if necessary, adding an extra degree of user friendly application stop the process.

Commenting on the project, Simon Moyes the site manager at King Cliffe, said “J.R. Boone already understood the principles of our process so we were able to make the project run very smoothly. Installation was seamless and we are delighted with the way the J.R. Boone mixer has operated”.

Augean Kings Cliffe

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