Water Quality – Critically Important to Countless Industries

To say that the world of water quality is diverse is an understatement of some magnitude. It’s much more than simply diverse.  It’s down right complex. Whether your application is pool management, pharmaceutical manufacturing, maintenance of boilers or cooling towers, food production, brewing, printing, desalination, agriculture, aquaculture, waste water management, or any one of a vast number of other industries, the quality of the water is a make-or-break, critical characteristic that determines success or failure.  The kind of instrumentation needed to meet the needs of this exacting and varied array of applications must be reliable and accurate. It must be simple to use.  It also must be very flexible.

Myron L® Company 900 Series Monitor/Controller was designed to be exactly what is needed whether water is your end product, an ingredient, or a secondary but vital process component.  The design includes a variety of inputs, measurement types, and several different types of control and data outputs, all of which can be combined and configured to operate in the most complex water quality applications.

Because no two applications are exactly the same, the 900 Series’ suite of signal inputs can be configured to display a variety of measurement types: Conductivity, Resistivity, Salinity, TDS, pH, ORP, Temperature, mVDC, Flow, Pulse and % Rejection are all available.  Need to interact with a remote sensor?  The 900 Series includes a 4-20 mA current loop, two-wire transmitter input that can be defined and scaled to display measurements how you need them displayed.

Need to display information of multiple types and from multiple sources at the same time?  The 3.5” resistive, touch-screen can be configured to display information for up to four different inputs simultaneously, each displaying a different measurement type. Need to precisely define the cell constant of your conductivity sensors?  You can do that.  Cable length of your sensors an issue?  The input set up can account for it.

The 900 Series’ outputs also provide flexibility. The standard outputs include a 0-10 VDC recorder output and a single alarmable relay output. An optional output card adds more levels of functionality.

A 4-20 mA current loop output, makes it a defacto transmitter, An RS-485 digital data output gives it the ability to do real data-logging. Need to control several water tanks interactively based on conditional criteria while outputting relevant data to a digital storage device? Two additional alarmable relays make that possible.  Alarm status is clearly displayed with attention getting alerts.

You might think that with all of the possible combinations of inputs and outputs and control relays

900 Series would be a complex instrument to operate, but the instrument’s intuitive Graphical User Interface makes it simple to set up, simple to use and simple to adapt to your specific needs.

Myron L Company’s 900 Series: A flexible, high level performer for an industry where flexibility and high level performance are absolute requirements.

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