A New Generation of Time-Synchronized Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring

Developed for monitoring the new generation of European space launcher Ariane 6, Spacewireless (www.space-wireless.com) WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks) is a revolutionary wireless technology dedicated for Structural health monitoring and Flight Test Measurement applications.

Extremely lightweight (100g for a volume of 50 cm3), small size, wireless and easy to deploy, Spacewireless devices guarantee reliable and effective solutions for health monitoring and preemptive fault detection , and they are suitable for SHM on Airframes and composites material (cracks, deformation…).

Only few months after its release, big players on aerospace market, like Airbus DS group, Zodiac Data System and Snecma-Safran group, have started to test and evaluate Spacewireless technology for flight test measurement and SHM applications.


Spacewireless devices integrate a power manager compatible with any kind of energy harvesting source (solar, thermal, vibration…). An integrated Lithium-Polymer battery allows the device to operate in standalone with a battery life of 6 months maximum (without external power source), which make it suitable for long term measurement. Therefore, thanks to its flexibility, easy deployment and the low running cost, this system is suitable for new-make and retrofit applications.

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