Elevance Renewable Sciences

Bio-based, safe-to-use Elevance Clean™ 1200 is the new cleaning ingredient that rapidly penetrates your most challenging soils to boost the cleaning performance of your formulations. It is also VOC-exempt* and highly compatible across a range of aqueous to semi aqueous products while being used at neutral pH.

Elevance Clean™ 1200 is produced from renewable oils, using a proprietary technology that is proven to clean faster and more effectively than competitors. It was developed for the tough-to-remove soils common to manufacturing, institutional, textile, transportation maintenance, food processing and oil & gas industries.


Find out how Elevance Clean™ 1200 can benefit your business, your customers and the world. Visit www.elevance.com/cleaneurope

*40 CFR 59.203 – Standards for consumer products and Directive 2004/42/CE of the European Parliament and the Council

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