Micronel dc blowers save space, energy and money compared to other air sources such as bulky side channel blowers and compressed air systems.

Saving energy not only conserves resources but is also good for the balance sheet. That is why machine and plant manufacturers as well as production companies rely on Micronel high-performance blowers in process control and automation applications. The reliable high-tech solutions enable new and more efficient application possibilities and promote independence in comparison with previous compressed air systems.

Thanks to their very small compact sizes, Micronel blowers are suitable for decentralised installations and can be placed adjacent to the relevant process reducing pressure losses incurred in long air supply lines and allows flexible installation without the need to install or relocate air lines. Dynamic blower control allows air supply to be called up as on demand as required, increasing the efficiency of the application.

Here is a simple example: compared to a conventional Air-Knife compressed air application, with an annual consumption of 60000 m³ air volume, a Micronel Radial Blower U100H4 (pressure 165 hPa, flow volume 820 l/min) with a power consumption of 100 watts pays for itself in energy savings after only half a year.

The compact U100 dc blower family features a tough full aluminium IP67 housing, efficient brushless dc motor with integrated electronic driver for plug n run capability and ease of use, M16 connector and has G¾ inch pipe threads for 32mm tight hose connections. The housing complies with protection class IP67 with connected suction and discharge ports.

The 2 stage U100H4 can generate over 165 mBar (16,500 pascals) of pressure and achieve free blowing air flow over 900 litres per minute (54 metres cubed per hour) all from a very compact small size package of 107mm x 107mm x 118mm. With typical power consumption of 100 – 180 watts depending on working point they can pay for themselves in energy savings after only a few months.

The performance and cost savings of the blowers is particularly evident in applications such as drying and cleaning processes, where high pressure and a considerable volume of air are constantly required. Micronel blowers are also extremely advantageous in suction and extraction processes, such as pick & place processes or vacuum holding or conveying technology. A full range of accessories are also available including air knives, filters, and anti-vibration mountings.

Micronel specialise in High Performance Blowers and Fans, their fan and blower products meet the needs of industries with special performance characteristics – Medical, Electronics Cooling, Personal Protection, Packaging, Gas Analysis, Laboratory, Transportation, Process Control and many more applications. Micronel offer customers the widest choice of standard ultra-slim fans, axial fans and high performance high pressure radial blowers from UK stock and provide technical design support for modified products and client specific designs.



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