Power Survey and Testing Power Continuity Systems

Emergency Standby Generators are crucial to your business operations,  but have they been tested and given a power survey recently?


NEVER, EVER take power for granted.

Do written records exist? Or maybe not? If no records exist then it’s time to take action.

At POWER CONTINUITY we place our reputation on the quality of our installations and our service. We’re here to keep you protected 24/7.


It’s not a waste of money to carry out an annual power survey.

Diesel generators and their fuel need to be inspected to ensure that your critical power protection systems aren’t scuppered by microbial debris.

Power Continuity carries out fuel polishing at critical installations across the UK on an annual basis. We bring our mobile systems to site and clean your fuel whilst maintaining the equipment in operational status throughout the filtering process.

Fact: Thermal imaging will highlight hidden issues before they become a serious problem. Our engineers carry Themal Imaging probes as part of the Power Survey. We find what the eye can’t see and fix the problem there and then.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies, known as UPS, contain batteries and need to be checked regularly. It may not be a Tesla, but when your UPS fails it will bring your systems down. Let’s check them now.


NO BREAK Power Protection systems give you the peace of mind that whenever the GRID fails, your site will NEVER lose Power Continuity.

Power Continuity engineers design and install NO BREAK power protection solutions from medium up to multi-megawatt installations, using robust, reputable diesel generators from the best manufacturers.

We design, build and install working systems from the concept stage all the way through to operational status, all designed and created by our own ‘in house’ team of site-experienced engineers. We keep your business running.

2021 has seen power cuts across the UK due to unprecedented storms repeatedly hitting the country. As climate changes keep impacting the environment you need to be prepared for more power cuts.

Need severe weather protection for your generators at remote sites?

Containerised Industrial Diesel Generators give the best worst-weather protection. ‘Walk Inside’ containers protect the fuel tanks and the AMF switchgear from the ravages of the UK climate.

Over 25 years, Power Continuity has expanded its expertise of NO BREAK power protection into designing and installing Fire Suppression systems and Air Con Systems in conjunction with our ‘bullet proof’ total ‘NO BREAK’ seamless power protection systems. A Total Power Protection package with our own service and maintenance under one umbrella.


Let Power Continuity health-test your system. In fact, we can have our engineers by your side when you carry out a mains fail test to prove the effectiveness of your existing systems. Let’s prove and test to ensure that when you need them, they will operate-flawlessly.

Critical power is what we do. WE ARE POWER CONTINUITY LTD.

With our 25 years of experience, from Banks to Hospitals, from Pharmaceuticals to Manufacturing, our Power Continuity systems operate 24/7/365, year in and year out, protecting our clients from a vulnerable GRID supply. In an non-dependable world we all need Power Continuity. Just call us…..


Call us on 0845 055 8455

We’re here to help 24/7/365


website: www.powercontinuity.co.uk

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