MaintMaster develops plug n’ play IoT sensors that are pre-integrated with their CMMS

MaintMaster is developing a new range of plug-and-play IoT sensors that send monitoring data for all your equipment directly to your maintenance software – automatically creating work orders for your chosen triggers.

No matter how good your preventive maintenance is, unexpected equipment breakdowns happen. With IoT sensors to alert on chosen triggers, like temperature and vibrations, you can shift to a proactive maintenance approach and get notified before downtime costs you money. Or, when an asset doesn’t perform as it should, affecting production cost per unit.

But while IoT sensors give you invaluable information and are an integral part of modern maintenance, they are often tough to install and configure. They also rely on third-party systems that need manual data transfer to your maintenance software and manual work order creation.

It’s as easy as this: Rip the tape from the sensor and start monitoring

The MaintMaster IoT sensors are cable-free and easy to install, communicating directly with the dedicated MaintMaster IoT cloud to continuously measure equipment data for condition-based maintenance, preempting breakdown, and taking care of documenting measurement history. Apply the sensors to your equipment, rip the tape, and your monitoring starts. The MainMaster IoT sensors immediately show up in your maintenance software without time-consuming installation or configuration.

Just select the asset you’ve assigned a sensor too, set your trigger values, and the sensors automatically send a work order to your maintenance software and crew when equipment needs attention. View historical data within the MaintMaster software and see the story of all your equipment and machines.

The MaintMaster IoT sensors measure four physical quantities per sensor: acceleration, meaning vibration in three axes, temperature, relative humidity, and barometric air pressure.

That means use cases are wide – from monitoring machines to coolers, ventilation, and other equipment you want to keep an eye on. The sensors also update you on battery levels for uninterrupted monitoring.

Step into Industry 4.0

MaintMaster seamlessly includes the IoT sensors as an option in the normal user-friendly and familiar MaintMaster maintenance software environment. You can configure them yourself to suit your monitoring purposes and flawlessly align them with your existing maintenance software.

MaintMaster believes in the power of receiving essential information directly without time-consuming detours and evaluations. With the development of the new sensors, IoT is becoming more accessible to simplify your journey into Industry 4.0.

Contact details:
Tom Reames, Sales Director UK
Phone: +44 7493328466

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