Level matters to your business. That’s why it matters to Magnetrol®.

Information matters
What happens when it’s 2:03 am, no one is on site, and something unexpected happens in a tank?
Magnetrol is on it. In fact, all of the information will be right there in the morning for your team. Our advanced diagnostics capture an echo curve that reveals every detail.

Innovation matters
Magnetrol is known for innovation in the process control industries. We developed the first magnetic
liquid level switch, created the next generation of guided wave radar and brought a smarter
non-contact radar transmitter to the world. But the most important innovation we create actually
happens every day out in the field.

In your industry, there are no excuses. You need precise, reliable, continuous level measurement and control for every critical application. That’s why Magnetrol matters.
Magnetrol has the deepest experience in your applications and your industry, and the broadest portfolio of level instruments for all of your measurements.

Here’s what that means to you…

Every challenge matters
When we say level matters, we mean anywhere, any time and in any application. That includes
interface, desalting, vapor recovery and any other challenge you can dream up. So bring on your
toughest measurements in liquids, foam or vapor.

Reliability matters
With Magnetrol, level measurement is one less thing to worry about. That’s because our technology
is designed to perform reliably and accurately from day one and for years to come. Magnetrol units are also easier to install and operate. That means you can improve safety, optimize efficiencies and grow your business.

When Magnetrol is on site, so is original thinking. To us, there are never pre-planned solutions to your measurement needs. Our recommendations are always guided by your applications, challenges and objectives.

It’s clear that level matters to your business, your applications and your bottom line.

That’s why level matters to Magnetrol.




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