Aluline Precision Engineering

Aluline provides a “One Stop” Precision Engineering Service to leading companies in the manufacturing, scientific, offshore and the water industries. They offer a diverse range of services including, Punching and Forming, Acrylic Fabrications, Plastics, Precision Engineering, Electrostatic Powder Coating, Stainless Steel Fabrications, Welded Fabrications and Mechanical Assemblies as well as Anti Self Harm products manufacture.



Aluline Grease Management Services

Aluline has ‘unrivalled experience’ in surveying, specifying, supplying, installing, and maintaining, grease traps, gullies and channels, in all sizes of commercial kitchens.Our managed maintenance systems are designed to reduce blockages and pump faults to a minimum.


Aluline Devastator Drain Dosing System

The Devastator is a biological drain maintenance system designed to work with Aluzyme-Eco fluid. Aluzyme-Eco is a highly active fluid, specifically formulated to degrade fats and grease found in commercial kitchen drains.

Aluline SinkGuard3 Sink Filter with Odour Trap

Standard sink filters are not designed to prevent small particles of food debris entering the grease trap or drainage. They are usually found under the sink due the problems they create for the user, for example when a pot is being washed the pot dislodges the filter.

In Northern Ireland new legislation outlaws food debris entering the drainage system. Aluline has developed an efficient sink filter to help combat this problem and reduce operating costs.


How SinkGuard3 reduces operating costs

  • Reducing frequency of grease trap cleanings.
  • Better performance of grease traps in retaining FOG (Food, Oil and Grease).
  • Best performance of biological treatment.
  • Reduction in water consumption.
  • Reduces the risk of failing the waste water outlet parameters of nearby water authorities.
  • Enhances the grease trap and drainage system lifetime.
  • The end of pipe blockages from solid waste entering into the drainage system.
  • Enhances kitchen hygiene and better working practices for staff.
  • Better environmental awareness.


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