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cMT HMI with built-in CODESYS is a high-performance HMI with an onboard PLC in compliance with the IEC 61131-3 standard. Combining a cMT+CODESYS HMI with the new Weintek iR Series I/O Modules delivers a new generation solution delivering a more compact and flexible architecture.

The CODESYS licence can currently be added to the cMT3151, cMT3090 and cMT3072 models (an OS firmware upgrade may be required for existing models).

cMT+CODESYS is a product that integrates high-performance cMT Series HMI with CODESYS PLC controller system, which is built upon an innovative architecture where a dual-core CPU runs 2 independent operating systems. With the multi-core processor, cMT+CODESYS is able to not only provide data visualization with an operable user interface but also runs controller logic. The two systems run independently without interference. The cMT+CODESYS HMI boast Weintek’s advanced graphical UI and advanced integration features (direct database access, OPC UA, and MQTT), and the CODESYS controller system in compliance with IEC61131-3 supports multiple languages (FBD/LD/IL/ST/SFC/CFC) optimizing development flexibility.

cMT+CODESYS uses a unique internal communication channel, to allow the display unit to quickly obtain control information from CODESYS, while at the same time aiding the CODESYS controller system in connecting to other systems such as databases and 3rd party controllers. In addition, cMT+CODESYS is equipped with dedicated Ethernet and CAN bus interfaces which allow for stable and highly efficient data transmission to satisfy miscellaneous automation demands.

The iR Series I/O modules are a brand-new series of Weintek products – by using i/o couplers supporting different bus systems: CANopen or MODBUS TCP/IP, this modularized i/o system is compatible with most existing control systems. A patented fixture clip makes it easy to connect many I/O modules and prevents modules from separating off due to vibration or shock. Flexible module assembly helps avoid unnecessary nodes and reduces overall costs. Additionally, iR Series patented iBus technology is strong in noise resistance and efficient in communication ensuring accurate and timely update of I/O status.cMT+CODESYS can be used with CANopen or MODBUS TCP/IP I/O modules from other manufacturers other than iR series I/O modules.

cMT+CODESYS Product Features:
■ Reduced Complexity
No extra PLC hardware needed for cMT+CODESYS.
■ Real-time Operating System
Innovative design makes two operating systems run on one HMI independently. Built-in CODESYS operating system ensures that running controller logic will not be interrupted due to the complexity of the screen.
■ Dedicated Ethernet and CAN bus
CODESYS has full control of Ethernet (LAN1) and CAN bus – ensuring excellent real-time performance.
■ High Performance
Bit operations take only 10 nanoseconds (10-9 secs); medium-to-high level control system performance.
■ Fast Internal Communication (cMT and CODESYS)
A dedicated data channel between the two systems ensures the display obtains control information from the control system extremely quickly and ensuring efficient data exchange. CODESYS configuration and project management can be done from the display side, including PLC status, network information, real-time data/tags.
■ cMT Features
Include rich and vivid picture libraries, over 300 protocols, MQTT, OPC UA client/server, and EasyAccess 2.0 remote access service.

iR Series Product Features:
■ Modular Design
Couplers can be paired with different combinations of I/O modules. Choose the exact number of I/O you need.
■ Compact Size
More I/O in a small form factor. Reduce the size and wiring complexity of your system.
■ Supports CANopen and MODBUS (TCP/IP)
CANopen and MODBUS (TCP/IP) help integrate with most control systems.
■ iBus Internal Bus
Strong noise immunity and efficient communication, means timely, efficient update of I/O within milliseconds – even if over 10 modules are used.
■ Plug-in I/O Installation
Screw-less design decreases installation time and the possibility of loose wire from traditional screwing.


cMT Series HMI: cMT Series HMI
iR Series i/o: iR Series i/o


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