Bahco team develops new bandsaw blade, the 3858 Sandflex P9000 PQ™

In their endless pursuit of excellence in bandsaw blade cutting performance, Bahco’s design and manufacturing team has developed a new blade, the 3858 Sandflex P9000 PQ™.

Now available in the UK and Ireland, this bi-metal blade is produced using highly alloyed Powder Metallurgic HSS, designed for high performance cutting of all difficult materials, including hard and exotic materials.

This manufacturing technique improves the hardness and toughness of the blade, resulting in excellent tooth edge performance, improved wear resistance and longer blade life.

The P9000 will cut a wider range of workpiece sizes and shapes than conventional blades and deliver an excellent surface finish on all materials.

More consistency in the hardness from batch to batch increases blade reliability.

This remarkable new blade retains all the benefits of a traditional PQ, thanks to a consistently precise tooth height, enabling every tooth to give the same chipload when cutting.

This results in more even tooth wear, which extends tooth life.  It also limits the risk of overloading a tooth, guarding against tooth breakage.

The tooth design improves cutting performance in special alloys with work hardening properties.

Says Peter Storr, Bahco’s bandsaw blade specialist in the UK and Ireland: “Powder Metallurgy HSS provides an effective  alternative to conventional HSS steels, delivering high hardness and toughness properties which can’t be obtained with traditional high speed steels.

“It also has the ability to use alloying which is not possible in conventionally melted HSS, allowing more advanced alloying while still having a superior microstructure and stability. This truly leads to an excellent performance of the tooth edges.”

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