Croft Filters – Custom Filtration Solutions

Croft Filters has over 30 years of specialist manufacturing experience creating bespoke filters for a wide range of industries including Chemical, Oil and Gas to the Food and Beverage sector.

Based in Warrington in the north-west of England, the company supplies a wide range of bespoke filters of all shapes and sizes to clients in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Industry-leading Innovative Bespoke Filter Solutions

Industries often have individual needs such as health and safety requirements or specific production line issues that call for novel and customised filter solutions.

The Chemical, Oil and Gas sector handle serious health and safety risks, including chemical exposure from ultrafine particulates. At the same time, the industry relies on the effective operation of complex processes and equipment which can be adversely affected by liquid and particulate contamination.

Manufacturing organisations, including the Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical industry, use a range of production techniques resulting in various production problems. Each one of which calls for a quick and effective response.

The team at Croft are experts at working closely with our customers to understand their exact needs and then developing filtration solutions to address their specific issues.

Compliance And Regulatory Guidelines A Concern?

Filtration plays a pivotal role in the safe and efficient running of plants in the Power Generation sector, where compliance with strict regulatory guidelines is an absolute must.

Croft Filters’ ability to provide high-quality solutions at speed has set the company apart from competitors and led to many long-standing customer relationships.

An Extensive And Varied Range Of Filters

We supply a comprehensive range of filters to a customers’ unique requirements and in a variety of materials. These can be ordered as ‘one-off’s’ to small batches in perforated plate, wedge wire and woven wire mesh. Some of our most popular filters include:

  • Basket strainers
  • Cone filters
  • Cylinder filters
  • Duplex filters
  • Filter elements
  • Screen filters
  • Witches hat filters
  • Y strainer elements

We know that time is of the essence when a production line stops, we aim to deliver our products as quick as possible to allow customers to continue with their production.

Using our expeience within the filtration industry we can also advise as to the best filter design if required. Some material profiles are better to use to add strength, such as perforated plate. Where as mesh will give a finer filtration level. Sometime a customer’s requirements will demand a specific design manufactured with both profiles, giving a strong filter that can separate to a fine level.

Repairs and Re Mesh

Not only can we supply custom filters with a short lead time, but we can also repair damaged filters and filter elements. Allowing customers to continue supplying their essential goods and services without the need for a new filtration unit.

Pioneering Innovation

Innovation drives Croft products and services. Here at Croft Filters, we continue to invest in both product and process to develop new industrial filtration solutions, including investing in metal 3D printing (additive manufacturing) to deliver novel filter designs which could not be conventionally manufactured.

Why Croft?

Accredited with ISO 9001:2015, the quality of both product and service has been the key to Croft’s success. Great pride is taken to understanding the customer’s needs quickly and supplying them with a high-quality product that exceeds their expectations.

Enquiries Made Easier

We have now made it easier to enquire about our filters! With the use of an online PDF you can now email a drawing straight to us to get your requiremenets across. Just simply download the PDF from the product page and add dimentions and any alterations!

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