APEX Dynamics Bogus Products Warning

APEX Dynamics, a leading supplier of high-precision gearboxes to the food, packaging and automation sectors, is urging customers to be on their guard against a wave of counterfeit products that have infiltrated the UK market in the last 12 months.

One of the unfortunate consequences of building a successful premium brand is the appearance of fake goods and, despite determined efforts to combat this problem, APEX Dynamics has continued to see bogus products bearing its branding being sold online at knock-down prices.

APEX Dynamics’ products are specially designed with patented features around the bearings and seals of the gearbox, making them ideal for use in a food or pharma environment and the company has warned of the consequences of customers purchasing counterfeit products which does not meet its quality or warranty standards.

Managing Director Mike Gulliford commented: “The persons most hurt by these phoney offerings are our customers, who may make a purchase in good faith believing that they have come across a ‘too-good-to-ignore’ offer. These fake goods do not match our products in terms of performance capability and safety standards and we advise customers to only buy APEX Dynamics products from authorised APEX Dynamics dealers and distributors.”

Customers are warned to be particularly wary of APEX Dynamics branded gearboxes being offered for unusually low prices from sources in Asia. Mike added: “These suppliers often turn out to be offering counterfeits which are nothing more than poor copies hidden beneath an attempt to match our designs. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of a product, please contact us before purchasing to verify that you are dealing with an authorised supplier.”

All purchases of legitimate APEX Dynamics gearboxes come with a five-year warranty across the entire product range as well as lead times of three weeks or less compared to others’ with timescales of 15 weeks or more.

Founded in Taiwan in 1987, APEX Dynamics Inc. started with the production of take-out robots for plastics injection moulding machines before moving into the technology of high-precision planetary gearboxes for servomotors, based initially on their internal need for precision servo gearboxes for robotics. Globally well established in 35 countries worldwide, APEX Dynamics is currently continuing with its UK expansion programme, further strengthening its profile from its base in Uttoxeter.

APEX Dynamics can be contacted at sales@apexdynamicsuk.com

Find out more at: https://www.apexdynauk.com

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