Allied High Tech Products

For over 32 years, Allied has been meeting the needs of companies engaged in the materials science, materials manufacturing, aerospace, military, photonics, fiber optics, microelectronics, and research & development industries. We aggressively pursue the advancement of methods and procedures related to each of these industries, and therefore promote close working relationships with several hundred of the world’s leading corporations, research universities, and laboratories.

Allied designs and manufactures a complete range of state-of-the-art equipment at their California facility. Using the latest design software, a team of dedicated mechanical, electrical and design engineers assure that Allied’s equipment is built to specifications that deliver dependable results and durability. All of our equipment carries a full 2 year warranty and prompt service or technical help is always available.

Allied’s one-of-a-kind equipment includes the MultiPrep™ Precision Polisher for semiautomatic, precision sample preparation when site-specific polishing is needed in 1µ increments. The advanced X-Prep® is an automated precision milling, grinding and polishing machine for de-processing complicated packages, stacked die, convex/concave devices and much more. No milling/polishing tool on the market offers similar features and capabilities or produces such accurate results with ease.

Allied offers a complete range of quality consumables for sample preparation with the largest inventory of its kind available for immediate shipment. Each product is researched, designed, produced and/or selected by our team of product application specialists, laboratory technicians and technical experts.

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Allied High Tech Products, Inc.
2376 E. Pacifica Place
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
(800) 675-1118 (US/Canada)
(310) 635-2466 (Worldwide)

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