The importance of Power Continuity to your business

Critical emergency power solutions are an absolute necessity for genuine business continuity. Severe Weather across Europe has confirmed, that protecting your site from power insecurity, is now the number one priority. Power outages are more common than ever and increasing all the time.

Storm warnings show the importance of Power Continuity standby installations, that automatically activate seamless emergency power, to maintain your site wide power during sudden GRID loss.
Numerous types of power failures need to be taken into consideration.
Sudden momentary Power failures damage servers just as much as any prolonged outage.
Installed site wide UPS & generators guarantee your business operates seamlessly without any loss of critical system.

Do you have a Power continuity plan?


We’re all vulnerable to storms & climate change triggering power cuts,

Check out, the news.
Storm warnings every week. Severe temperatures swings.
Higher Temperatures each summer. Massive storms during the winters.
The GRID is asking everyone to use less power.
Old coal fired power stations are being re-started, when they were to be dismantled. The GREEN energy growth plan can’t cope with the urgency.

Electricity is the new terrorist battle ground. Electrical production plants are at risk..

How you updated your business power continuity action plan?

Have you tested what systems you have at the moment?

Do they work?

Could your business survive a prolonged outage?

When was the last time your systems were serviced and maintained?

Are you aware of a power continuity problem? Recently ?

Our engineering team can help and review your preparedness.



Power is taken for granted.

The single most common anxiety issue is – Power.
And the dream that it’s always available.

No Power. No Business.
Take the time to visit check every UPS on site. Is the display working? Correct ambient temperature? Is it being used as a table?

What about the site generators? When was the last time you cleaned the fuel? When was the last time that anyone mains fail tested the generator?

Have you even got an installed emergency standby generator?

Your business needs reliable power. Uninterruptible power continuity


What Types of standby power are available?

Continuous power is crucial. Let’s go on the attack. GET POWER NOW.

At your site, time to get power control back in your hands.
Who supervisors the quality of your electrical power supply?

Something as simple as conveyor belts losing power can stop production.

Truck Portals- No power to Goods Portals then no trucks are loaded today.

Ensure that your power continuity plan will work and is ‘fit for purpose” during any power failure. Check what do you have on site?


Why do you need to think about power continuity?


Power Continuity is essential for survival

The Highest Risk is during Winter.
Another storm this week, another next week.
The worst time for distribution centres, data centres, warehouses, factories, and hospitals across the UK.
The National Grid has repeatedly warned everyone that power reductions will happen, including action plans to reduce electricity. Why?

There isn’t enough power on tap 24-7 anymore. Power cuts do happen.
Have you a power continuity action plan?

Global supply chains are at risk?

It’s essential therefore to keep your mission critical sites up and running with or without the assumption that the GRID will always be there, 24/7.
Prepare before the power drops out.

What is emergency standby power?


When the power fails, will your business fail too?

To your site keeps operating regardless, you’ll need TEMPORARY Critical Power Solutions which can be installed at site for SHORT AND LONG TERM HIRE. Of course, nothing replaces an automatic fully installed power protection systems.
Temporary systems to site can take 4-8 hours even before they are temporally installed and activated. What happens if the whole area is without power? Then everyone wants the same. Better to be prepared.

Emergency Standby Power will keep your site operational 24 hours a day.

What is the impact of power failure for your business?


The best business insurance is installed power continuity.

Electricity is essential for all computer networks and security systems.
Power Continuity provides installed power protection for all mission critical business operations that guarantees 100% Total NO Break Power. Uninterruptible power protection solutions, 24 hours a day.
Emergency backup generators provide total site power whenever the GRID fails. Size is no object. 1 Megawatt to 10 Megawatts. Protecting Businesses.

All Power Continuity installations are automatically activated in the event of a GRID failure providing seamless emergency power to ensure your operations continue without any power disruption. 100% No Break in power.

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Installed Standby Power solutions prevent damage to your equipment from sudden voltage drops, power outages, terrorist GRID failures, that would otherwise ‘knock’ out software and robotics lines, destroying your business.

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