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New, high-performance image processing tools from Leuze: The sensors of the Simple Vision series convince with their flexible usability and easy handling. The new IVS 108 is suitable for detecting the presence of objects. Devices of the IVS 1048i / DCR 1048i series additionally perform counting and measuring tasks or read codes.

Figure 1: The IVS 108 is ideal for detecting the presence of objects and can be set up quickly and easily by means of a simple

Easy-to-use, high-performance sensors – with the Simple Vision sensors from Leuze, system operators are always on the safe side. The compact devices are just as easy to use as optoelectronic sensors, but are almost as powerful as camera systems.

IVS 108: Easy object detection The IVS 108 detects present or absent objects. For example, prints or labels on packaging. Thanks to autofocus adjustment and simple teach-in, commissioning takes almost no time at all: a pass part and a fail part are placed in front of the target system. The user confirms each one using the teach button. Done. And it’s practical too: The sensor saves up to 32 different tasks. Moreover, live images can be viewed on a web browser and further parameters can be set in a user-friendly way on a graphical user interface. The IVS 108 is ideal for transport, sorting and conveyor systems. And the sensor is also the right choice for quality control tasks and for the automatic assembly of mechanical or electronic parts.

Figure 2: Depending on the model, the functions of the IVS 1048i range from object detection and measuring tasks to integrated bar
code reading.

IVS 1048i / DCR 1048i: Diverse functions The IVS 1048i is a high-performance all-rounder: Users can choose between six models with two different resolutions. Depending on the model, the functions of the IVS 1048i range from object detection and measuring tasks to integrated bar code reading. If just codes are to be read, the DCR 1048i sensor is available as an alternative. Advantages of all IVS/DCR 1048i sensors: Four interchangeable S-Mount lenses with variable focus adjustment and two apertures provide a high degree of flexibility in terms of reading distance, field of vision, resolution and depth of field. Furthermore, the digital interfaces I/O, TCP/IP, PROFINET, FTP or SFTP are also integrated.

Figure 3: Presence detection of printed information on packaging: The IVS108 offers an excellent price/performance ratio for this task
and is extremely user-friendly in terms of set-up and installation.


Figure 4: Quality control in the labelling process: The IVS 1048i can easily locate, measure and check whether the label has been applied in the correct position.

Figure 5: Multicode identification with DCR 1048i.


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