Rock Fall UK

Rock Fall UK is a multi-award-winning Safety Footwear Specialist, distributing to a worldwide customer base.

As a second-generation family-owned business we have been providing safety footwear to individual customers, businesses, and large organisations UK Wide and across the Globe for over 25 years, and our team is proud to have developed a reputation for delivering high-quality service alongside the safety footwear products that meet each clients’ unique needs.   

In recent years, the company has rationalised and diversified its product offering to provide  customers with the high-quality safety footwear for every industry. Supplying exclusively via Authorised Distribution Partners, Rock Fall UK pro-actively work with major end-users and industry associations to improve on workplace safety footwear. We believe that our expertise, combined with our commitment to sustainability, and original ideas on safety performance, sets us apart.

State-of-the-art knowledge

We have grown in our approach to sustainable footwear using solutions that combines science, data, with new product development, maximising the possibilities of ‘recycling and reusing and rethinking’ materials that can be used in safety footwear production.

We are proud to be verified by the Vegan Society. Using products and materials that are sourced and manufactured, with on impact on the environment and are animal-free. We have produced sleek, sporting safety trainer and mid-cut boot range, specifically designed for professionals working in the electronics industries.

When it comes to high standards and safety regulations our eco credentials bring no compromise to the safety performance of the footwear. All anti-static trainers and mid-cut boots are essentially designed for a wide range of fast paced electronic manufacturing industries that use semiconductive devices, electronic circuits, and electrical power systems.   

All Rock Fall Anti-static ESD (Elector Static Dissipative) footwear is designed to protect the foot from electrostatic discharge. Developed with non-metallic components and ESD certified by SATRA technology, this range of safety footwear is manufactured with specialist comfort materials, shock absorbing EPR rubber outsole and climate breathable footbeds.

The introduction of FORCE10® Outsoles and FORCE10® Scuff Cap technology, developed exclusively by Rock Fall UK, benchmarks safety footwear performance under hot, cold, and wet conditions. Companies who must plan for year-round issues like rough, uneven terrain, extreme weather, surface water, mud, slurries and or excessive heat (up to 300°C), now have the option of FORCE10® specialist slip resistant footwear range.x


In collaboration with foundry operatives, we used state-of-the-art technology in the development of a Specialist Foundry boot.

The penetration resistant midsoles provide the foot with protection from industry related hazards. Manufactured with FR (Flame Retardant) full-grain leather upper and supporting tongue, (sourced from LWG tanneries) and FR R-TEN® stitching.

This boot is certified to withstand molten splashes as high as 1400°C and Electrical risks of 18kV in accordance with ASTM F2412-18 test method.

For additional safety, we design this heavy-duty foundry boot with hook and loop fastening, for quick removal in an emergency.

Impact-driven approach

We carefully considered the requirements of industry before developing safety footwear around suitability; matching requirements to industry needs in the early phases of the product development, and setting baseline such as product features and performance that reflect customers actual needs during concept design” –  Richard Noon, Company Director       

In essence, Rock Fall UK has positioned itself at the forefront of the safety footwear industry through world first innovations that provide technical solutions to the ever-changing demands of the modern workforce.

Where to buy Rock Fall specialist safety footwear

Contact the Rock Fall Sales Team on T. 01773 608616   E.

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